Sunday, 31 July 2016

Soo Cubus Pre-Alpha 2.3.5 / 2.4 Patron Preview.

It is, once again, that time. The highlights:

- Amelia has a house, a sex scene, and three sex animations. Standard fare. With her finished, that brings a close to the NPCs! Yaaay! They still get lots more stuff to do, obviously, but there aren't any more match-making peeps planned. (For the moment, anyway. Six is already a lot on my plate for the planned 'good' ending.)

- All six of the lovers also have introductory scenes that shine more of a light on their personalities and provide some extra humour. These lead into sleepovers, but the initial sleepovers are a bit mucked at the moment, and a day won't actually pass. Click the icon again and things are normal.

- Another item has been stuffed into the mall. This one has a purpose that should be obvious if you've played through the game a few times, and lets you bypass one of the endings and get at, potentially, two other endings.

- Speaking of which, there's another branching path that can lead to a battle. You'll find it on your own. (Coincidentally, the slimy ending is back! Not a hint at all!)

- 'Enhanced' a few more backgrounds. Nothing drastic.

- Tinkered with the sewers some more. I think I'm going to spend a bunch of time on them this coming week - they're bare-bones and a little boring at the moment.

- And, in advance, I know Mindy's intro text is broken. Discovered that right at the end, looked at the time, and said 'Fuck it'. Big ol fuck it.

As for 2.4, available on Patreon...

... well, the sewers look a little different... and have a few new monsters... oh, and Hard Mode is functional now, and opens up a new areaaaaaa... yep. STUFF.

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