Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.0.5!

2.0.5?! What madness be this? Yes, I fucked something up in the last patron-only build, so I released a quick patch job. I'll just bypass the borked version with you public folks and go straight to 2.0.5. The new stuff:

- More ability-specific animations. Getting close to done. Soon every area will have one specific animation for each ability. (Upon testing and seeing them again there's one in the club I really don't like, and will probably replace it in the near future.)

- A new animation for the alley, finally bringing it up to three. I don't really like the 'best' one all that much, to be honest, but it'll do for now. 

- A new animation for the landlord, and slightly stiffer penalties for not paying your rent. Occasionally he'll sap Soo of an ability point.

- Added the four beasts in the sewers. Each beast is relatively rare, is tied to a specific ability, and requires some hefty stats to ward off. You'll only find one beast per game, as you can only have one ability at a time. This includes a Hard Mode beast, so despite what the ability screen says, you will find different content there. 

- In addition, besting the beasts will also unlock occasional, unique animations when you sleep at night, having paid your rent. The beast you beat will come to pay an altogether more cordial visit, with a significant payoff for each. (Those of you facing the HardBeast, let me know if the results are... wonky. I didn't have enough time to sufficiently test her bonus, and depending on feedback I may change it to something more run-of-the-mill. And before anyone says anything, yes, the StrBeast's bedtime animation has some holes in it. They have been fixed in the next build.)

- Tied to the four beasts, I've temporarily increased the limits for getting the Slimy Ending in the sewers. You'd need to explore the sewers for a few years real time to get the ending, I suspect, given the number of digits I added to the original flag.

- I know the Pub's freebie Charisma box is borked. I kept forgetting to change it because it was such a minor issue. It is fixed in the next build. You can stop telling me. (Though thank you to those who did.)

- Last, somewhat unexciting, I fixed an exploit that allowed players to cheat the horse races. Thanks to those players who pointed it out.

It's up. It's ready. Go to.


  1. Update looks good. I got to 205 Cha, 30 Str, 30 Int on my first run of the new version. I have a couple of suggestions/questions.

    Could you add some bonus event chance to sleeping with someone? Staying in your room, you might get the free trick or sexy shower, but nothing at one of the houses that I've seen.

    Secondly, could you reconsider whatever chance formula determines when you are ejected from a sewer run? I had 4 Stamina, 120 Cha, 50 Int, 50 Str in a run and was booted out before I could click the Explore button once, which seems a bit unfair.

  2. Aw, I won't lie, I found out about the horse race glitch and kept quite about it ;D. Back to the grind again! Can't wait to play this update as well!

  3. I just found this game today and... holy sh*t man! this game ROCKS and your animations are awesome is good to find an h-game of this type who actually care about variety of sexy poses and a good amount of them. You have my support on patreon buddy ;D