Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sid bug problem.

One of the ever-helpful users on Legend of Krystal alerted me to the fact that the sex cut scene with Sid is bugged. DO NOT CHOOSE MOVIES OVER SEX WHEN SPEAKING TO SID. This option is currently borked in this build, and, I suppose, the next one as well. Very irritating, as it leads to a straight-up freeze. Working on a fix now. Just... get your fill of the movies before you go boff Sid at his house.


  1. I had that bug when the two options were meant to pop up, dunno if it helps knowing that too?

    1. What, do you mean that the options didn't pop up at all?

  2. I've played this quite a few times, this seems as good a place as any to leave feedback. Note that I'm focusing on problems / issues, but the game overall is great and you're doing a good job. I generally find criticism more helpful when I'm working on things though, as the good stuff doesn't need to change.

    - I'm not sure if you have plans for Strength, but right now there's little benefit to putting it up past a certain point. What about strength and stamina being tied together, where higher strength increases the chances of having one or even two extra stamina on a day? Ie base stamina is 3, and the higher your strength the higher the chance you get bonus stamina. If you went this route, you'd want to remove stamina as an Int-based random reward.

    - The sewers are obnoxious right now - it takes a long time to explore them for little reward, if you spam click explore the results are unusual (sometimes you'll get 2 events), the stamina deduction doesn't happen until you leave the sewer which can lead to weird interactions (also stamina should be visible while you're in the sewer). Exploring in 4 directions with the text giving you hints about things (You hear noises coming from the East!) might make the sewer experience more compelling. You may already have other ideas.

    - I don't really enjoy the permanent stat bonuses in the store. The game becomes largely about getting enough money per job so that you get more for working than going to a stat boost and then just working a bunch and buying stat boosts. The temporary stats are interesting. Items I'd like to see:
    * High School Degree, Advanced Gym Membership, Yelp - Allows you to go to a better version of College, Gym, and Pub (increased stat gain, maybe they cost money for balance reasons). It's strange but this is more interesting than just buying the stats straight up and keeps your gameplay consistent.
    * Compass - Makes exploring sewers easier/better in some way
    * Sports Almanac - Improves your odds/winnings at race track

    - I like unlocking different places to stay, that's a really interesting piece of the gameplay. It would be nice if staying at different houses gave you some minor benefit in addition to the animations (for example, staying with police sew increased your chance to gain strength). It gives you a reason to target certain people to stay with.

    - I don't love that the first few days have you doing the exact same thing every time you play. I don't have any suggestions on how to improve that.

    - Some of the ability specific events need balancing. You probably already know this. Specifically, if you get really high int with a charisma special, you can go to the carpark and get a high chance of zero stamina expenditure. You can just repeatedly go there and make tons of money. One simple solution is to only allow ability specific events to trigger once per location per day.

    Thanks for your hard work and good luck with this game and any future games!

    1. Thanks for the detailed reply. Constructive criticism is always helpful, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game on the whole. Let's have a look:

      - Yeah, there's always been a struggle to make Strength and Intelligence more relevant. Charisma is the clear winner. It has more of a use in the upcoming build, and the battles in the sewers use it as well. It's still probably the least-relevant of the stats at the moment, and the Stamina suggestion might be worth looking into. Speaking of which...

      - I've dedicated this week to overhauling the sewers, actually, as I don't like them either. I know more about the program I'm using to make the game, now, so I think I can create something more interesting (and less glitchy). The current plan is to split the sewers into three, maybe four branches of increasing difficulty, with some kind of reward at the end of each to make the visit worth the effort. Not sure if I'll get it all done by the next patron-only release, but I'm going to give it a shot.

      - Fair enough on the stat boosts. I've definitely considered more advanced versions of the stat-boosting areas. Your other ideas are good as well, though as far as the Sports Almanac goes I was going to tie Int itself into improving your odds, since, presumably, the smarter Soo is, the smarter the bets she makes.

      - At the moment the NPC houses don't have a tangible benefit, I'll agree, but they're all planned to tie into the game's 'good' ending. If you increase Soo's relationship enough with a character they will show up in a sex scene in the ending, and the dialogue will change. I don't want to boost stats beyond that as there are already so many ways in the game to up your stats, to the point that it's getting a little too easy.

      - I've struggled with the beginning game as well. That's why the gas station exists - to provide a bit of variety. Maybe I can conjure up a few non-sex-related jobs that Soo could do as an alternative, if she feels like it.

      - Yes, I most definitely know that the ability specific events need balancing. Some of them are way too powerful. The suggestion to only allow them to trigger once is a good one, and would be pretty easy to implement, too.

      Thanks again! Comments like these are very helpful.