Monday, 18 July 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.1 / 2.2 preview.

Yep. New stuff:

- Sid is ready for consumption. There's a new animation tacked onto the theatre specifically for him, and once it's done his house opens up. You know what to do from there. Note that there is NOT a sex scene attached to his house like the other NPCs yet, as I didn't want to start one until I begin committed work on the cut scene pixel conversion.

- Similar to Sew, it's possible to bork your chances with Sid - though in order to go after him you need to make a sacrifice. Choose wisely!

- Added more random attribute animations. By my count there are seven left to do. Gettin' there.

- Tied to that, the chances of random events going off have been upped to one in twenty. That said, I increased the value of Int by tying it into this formula. The higher your Int, the greater the chances a random event will go off. At the moment this will eventually override normal animations altogether, so eventually I'll introduce a mathematical ceiling to prevent the normal animations from vanishing. Ran out of time this week.

- Tweaked a few of the random events to make them less OP.

- Fixed a few glitches. That goddamned Charisma stat boost at the Pub is finally repaired. (I think.)

As for the Patreon-exclusive release...

I like the way the church looks better these days. Though the carpet could look a little more 3D, if you know what I mean.

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