Saturday, 2 July 2016


I meant to post this a few days ago, but I lost track of time. Meet Mindy, the storeowner in the next public update. She will sell you things! I anticipate people will want to see her having sex, which I may will probably will almost certainly implement in a future update.

Mindy's creation leads me to an important question which I've been mulling over for a while, now: should I convert the cut scene art to pixel art, and just have a full-on pixel game? Pretty much all of the praise I've gotten for Soo Cubus has been for the delicious pixels, and by this point I've more or less decided I'm a better sprite artist than I am a, y'know, real artist. I can also animate the cut scene stuff to at least a small degree, which I'm hesitant to try with traditional art.

Vote on the poll to the right and help me decide, plz. I suspect the pixel art camp will win, though I may hold out for an overwhelming majority before I make the full-on 'change' decision. If I do get rid of the traditional art (which, honestly, would help pare down the game's size by a decent bit) I'll post the pictures in a gallery on the blog, so they're at least not gone forever.


  1. I already miss the old styled Soo, even if I think it's for your advantage to make your game fully pixled.

    Also I find pixel-art IS a form of real art, so don't underrate your skills, since in this kind of art, there is hardly any room to fuck up, because every pixel must sit in the right place or a certain picture looks weird.

  2. The disparity between pixel and normal art on scenes is weird, it would be better if it was all pixels. Plus we get some new animations