Sunday, 26 June 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.8 is now live, and brings with it additional boning.

Yay! Boning! Check out Latest Build to see what has changed and what remains gloriously similar. The new features you can expect are as follows:

- Sew now has a house! You can go there and fuck around with her. Eventually that becomes literal.

- In addition, Sew's club has its third and final animation, as well as the 'fail' animation, which is at least more enjoyable to watch that those of other locations. Sew also pops in occasionally to take your place once she and Soo are lovers.

- Joe also has a house! Unlocked in the same fashion as Sew. Two getting-to-know-him animations, three sexy animations. You don't have to go through the sewer to reach Joe each time, but you do still need to unlock him by making treks into the place.

- On a downer note, you get charged full rent regardless of where you stay at night. The free ride's over, folks. Sigh.

Next week: a mall, items, ability-linked animations, more animations in general, and... y'know. Sex. Lots of sex. Check out the Patreon page for a fuller listing of what to expect if you dole out a pittance of that sweet, sweet moolah. Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. First observation:
      At Sew's place, it seems that the "ice cream double licking scene" appears quite often, like 9 out of 10 (with everything at 30+, or 40+).
      The others' places seem to vary normally.

    2. Nevermind, it actually changed. Looks like I was trapped in a badluck loop or something ^^

    3. Second observation:
      I don't know if it's planned, but the second time Soo sees Joe in the sewers, when he warns Soo, I encounter in the same sewer trip the slime ending.

      That's it for me, thanks for the update :p

  2. i love this weekly updates! :)

  3. well about the GC from joe and sew, is me or the tits of Soo seen little compare to the pixel sex animations?

    1. Yeah, I'm probably going to go back and increase her cutscene bust size at some point. It has always seemed kinda small to me.

  4. Hey! Me again, I'm really enjoying this release as well! I think that you should add a "Submit" option to the creatures in the sewer. I'm usually pretty strong by the time I get down there so it's kind of hard to see the scenes.

    Thanks for reading!

    (I also like the new rent system, actually makes the game a little challenging)

    1. Thanks! As for the monsters, there will be a 'Give In' button in the next public release. Haven't heard any complaints from my patrons yet so I assume it's working nicely.