Monday, 6 June 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.5 is up!

Yup. Click Latest Build to do it up. The new stuff:

- Once you have some well-balanced stats (offhand they all need to be in the teens) you'll gain access to the sewers for some RPG-esque exploration. You can only do this at 3+ Stamina, and you're pretty much committed to exploration for the day if you head down. The sewers have an NPC encounter, but it's not working properly yet, so I've kicked it out until next week.

There are more sex scenes in the sewers, but there are consequences to losing encounters. If you fear for your stats, flee!

Please note that the sewers are still buggy, though I think I've ironed out the issues that will freeze the game, and every remaining issue should be fairly minor. Let me know if you have any major issues while exploring. If you fear for your game, don't enter the sewers until you've explored everything else.

- Random events have been implemented, and are tied to your INT stat. The higher your INT, the more often you'll get random events. These happen at the beginning of each day. Again, let me know if anything goes wrong - I think the random events are okay now, but I'm not 100% positive.

- A new location has been added after you gain a small handful of Charisma, just to make the early game a bit more interesting. As far as wealth accumulation goes it's no different from the alley.

- Added a few new animations. I think. I recall? At the very least I added a new random event to the Gym. I know I did that much.

This also means that Pre-Alpha 1.6 is up on Patreon, as well. Pop over there to see the new stuff available for patrons, which includes a lovely, lovely jail for Soo to visit / fuck about in.


  1. Ok. This is the worst you did for an update. At least gameplay wise you missed the point by a mile.

    I feel that the fun in games like this is to start off pretty limited, having to work every day all day and only getting some freedom once every 3-5 days. But then you "git gud" and start to get freedom of choice of what you want to do. And your game did that really well.

    But now... There is no freedom left in the game. You have to go "work, work, work, sleep, work, work, work, sleep, work, work, work, sleep, work, work, bar, sleep, repeat" all the way from day 1 to 100. You start to get a little freedom at the very end because you dont have to find or get good at a job that will pay you twice that you are making right now.

    There is no need for strength after 9. There is no need for intelligence at all or at least it doesn't feel like it does anything especially late game. The dungeon is a waste of a day - no money and only ~2 random skill points per run are not worth it. And it all would be ok if the rent was not that high. Like make it not increase to the twice the amount, but something like +100$ per 25 days.

    And as I was getting to the day 100 the only thing on my mind was: "Finally I can go sandbox and look at all of the things added without unreal rent! Cus the def wouldn't increase it at the day he said that the game ends, would he?" And then I couldn't go past day 101...

    I love the animations, I loved the feel of the game. But this version of it is trash.

    1. 'kay. So a few things:

      - If anything, I'll add a sandbox mode for players who manage to complete the game properly. I'm not going to add it yet. I wanted to get the ending out of the way. You've seen everything there is to do by one hundred days in this version, easily.

      - Yes, this version is hard. I'm still adding things. The next version makes it easier with the addition of abilities that allow your stats to accumulate more quickly.

      - Yes, Int and Str don't do that much. Because I'm still adding things. They're both important for surviving the dungeon, if nothing else. And if I recall correctly, the 'point' of the dungeon was buggy in this one so I had it turned off.

      - Finally, again, I AM STILL WORKING ON THE GAME. It's pre-alpha for a reason. Jesus, it's only a month old. Calling it 'trash' doesn't help me at all. Things will be added to balance it out over time. It has ALWAYS been meant to be a game that you can / should play multiple times in order to see everything.

      Last, don't tell me that I 'missed' the point. You're telling me the point of my own game? All that means is what I have planned doesn't conform to EXACTLY what you want. If that's the case, go find something else to play. I'm fine with criticism conveyed politely, but you're being a shitheel.