Sunday, 12 June 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.6.5 is on teh web.

Because things went a bit wonky on the Patreon side of things the public release is more robust than usual, and has plenty of new stuff to explore:

- A new location: the jail. You'll unlock it. Trust me, you'll unlock it.

- The next major NPC is implemented, also tied to the jail. She has her own home - though it's possible to not unlock this location, if you don't conduct yourself properly. (I'm not a massive fan of her current sex animations so I may redo them in the future.)

- Said NPC can also earn you some money!

- The cut scene in the sewers is now active. It's also joined by another one if you keep entering the sewers. (You can't visit the associated NPC in its home just yet, however.)

- Added two new monsters to the sewers, and changed the blob animation.

- There are two more 'bad' endings. Tied to this, the game is now finite, and will end at 100 days. This is more than enough time to see everything there is to see. (The time limit is removed on the next version, for those of you who want to complain about it, though it is going to be there on the full release, so... maybe just get used to the idea, yeah?)

- Implemented the early-bird version of the abilities, which you can select from the same screen as your beginning stats. Right now all they really do is give you a chance for more stat boosts each day. In the future they will do more. Note that the Hard Mode ability does nothing at this point.

- Added a few cumshots. Click on the sprites to see whether or not they’re implemented.

- Smoothed out most of the art. I got annoyed by the flat-edged shading and went back to soften the colours. I like the look a lot more. Haven't changed all of it yet, but most of this has been done. I've also been reducing image sizes while doing this, so the game shouldn't wind up being too much of a beast by the time I'm done. 

- Added more emotion to a few of the cut scenes. Soo actually reacts to things now! Ye gods!

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