Sunday, 19 June 2016

Aaaaand we're up to Pre-Alpha 1.7.

We're just whizzin' along now. The new stuff you can expect:

- There is now a horse track in the game. You can go there from the start and lay down bets to make some money, though like all gambling the odds are against you. If you want you can use Soo's body to pay off her debts, though this uses up Stamina. Because this could be easily gamed, you use up more Stamina paying off larger bets, up to a full day's worth, and you can't make those larger bets if you don't have enough Stamina. There will soon be three separate animations for this, but at the moment there are only two.

The horse track is still a touch buggy, though on the whole it works as intended. If for some reason you can't place a bet, either Leave or click the Bet button to reset the functionality. Shouldn't be any bugs beyond that.

- Go to the horse track enough and you can also unlock the church. Shouldn't take too long, though you'll have to lay down some cash. At the moment the church is a standard hookin' location.

- I've incorporated the intro into the game startup. You can still Skip it if you like.

- Because I keep getting complaints, you can now play past day one hundred, though you still have to watch the bad ending. Eventually this functionality will be shunted into a sandbox mode that will be unlocked by completing the game with a 'good' ending.

- Added more personality to a lot of the cut scenes by adding more emotion images. Still haven't finished 'animating' all of them, however.

- Pumped up the starting money a touch, from $400 to $600. We'll see if that helps address some complaints about the difficulty. (I fear it might become TOO easy past a point. I was testing it earlier today and had, like, over $10,000 by day fifty...)

- Fixed some textbox / bobbing icon overlap on the main city screen.

You know where to find the latest by now, I'm sure. Next week: Sew and Joe get homes. They also get fucked! (Though, you know, if you threw a paltry two dollars at my Patreon account, you could see them now...)


  1. Hi! I don't usually comment on... anything, but I just wanted to share what I've learned about your game.

    I haven't played this new update yet but from what I've seen Intelligence is king. Put all your starting points into INT then go to college three times the first day. Hook in the ally to until you're right under $100, sleep with the landlord. Next day hook once then go to college. Repeat the process always being right under $100 at the end of the day so you don't lose your money and can go to college the next day. You should get to 12 INT before day 20 and unlock the library. The library pays enough money that you can work twice, upgrade a skill and still pay your $100 rent. Once you get to this point the game is a cakewalk because eventually you'll start getting paid $300+ every time and will only have to pay Guy $100/night for rent.

    I'm really like your game so I just thought I'd share what I've learned of it. I don't know if other people have already figured it out or talked about it, but oh well. Best of luck with the game!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it, and good commentary. Glad someone's making use of intelligence. Your route will also increase the chances of random stat-ups each day, as well, which is always helpful.

      As for the rent thing, though, that has been nixed, and you need to pay the full amount in the next build (coming next week) no matter where you sleep. I suspect the people who've commented on it in the past (and yes, quite a few have found that exploit) will be quite sad to see it go.

  2. What about an option to have sex with the landlord himself for reduced rent ?

    Without it leading to the very bad ending

    Hoping for you to fix 1.7 bugs and add more animations soon..

    Great game so far !!!! you're a good developer

  3. Hey, I've been following this game for a while, so I wanted to give my suggestions on it so far.

    I'm actually okay with the day limit. Maybe it could be a little longer (120 days, for example), but I don't really mind. However, I feel like there's a lot of things to do considering the ammount of days available. So maybe you could spread it a little more? I'm assuming that Hardy is only the first town in the game, so maybe after Soo takes it over, the Devil could assign her to another town to do it all again, and you could put some of the content anc characters there. For example, you could leave the Sewers, the Library and the Strip Club (along with Guy, Sew, Joe and their respective sidequests) in Hardy, and the Prison, the Movie Studio and the Horse Track (again, with their respective characters and sidequests) in the new town.

    Talking about the sewers, could you add a button to let you leave the sewers whenever you want? I'm suggesting it because last time I played, I met Joe in the beggining of my exploration and he told me to stop exploring, but since there was no button to leave the sewers, all I could do was continue to explore the sewers, until eventually I got the Slimy Ending (is that the right name? I'm not very sure).

    That's all my criticism for now. Great game! I love your animations!

    1. Thanks for the kudos and the suggestions. Lesse:

      - Hardy is the only town. 100 days isn't nearly enough time to branch out into different places, and it was never meant to be. I'm structuring the game in such a way that you can play it multiple times, in multiple different ways, and get different endings. If I tried to stock more than one city with stuff to do the .swf would become enormous, and this game is already getting somewhat overstuffed for a Flash game.

      - Further with that, I'm planning on making sequels with the other succubi as the main characters. So that's where you'll get new areas, I suppose.

      - Yes, I was hoping to implement the sewers button this week but between real life snafus and everything else I was doing I ran out of time. For the public you'll probably see that button two builds from now, along with one that will just allow you to submit to the monsters.

      - I'm surprised you had that problem with Joe, actually. If I remember the coding properly you're supposed to get shunted back out to the city after that cut scene. I'll have a look at it again and see if something got buggered up in this release.

    2. Oh, I see! I thought that maybe that was your idea, but I wanted to suggest it anyway. I agree, putting all this stuff in the game gives it a lot of replay value. And I loved the idea of having sequels focusing on other succubi!

  4. Don't know if it's a bug or not, but the porn dude won't appear at all.

    1. Sid? He will. Keep in mind you need to perform the cars location several times, as well as have a high enough CHR.

    2. CHR was over 25 but maybe I hadn't done the car enough. Thanks!!

  5. This game is really great! With the addition of the race track I'm assuming there will be a way for Soo to fuck the horses at some point, yes? Maybe if she gets in some really deep debt?

    1. Probably not. I'm trying not to delve too deeply into the really legally-taboo stuff. You might see a horse-like monster in the sewers at some point, though. Glad you're enjoying it regardless.

    2. Yeah, best to keep it to safer vanilla stuff like sex with giant sewer spiders, I suppose. Anyway, it's a very fun game and I like the humor.

  6. Hello,
    I really like your game, it's well balanced between farming and exploration. Good job on that ;)

    May I suggest 2 things:

    _If I understood CHR well, it changes the money you get, and changes the cutscene as well. The thing is, if I unlock a spot with a CHR too high, I have directly the last cutscene.
    What if the cutscene were random, and we still unlock more of them with CHR?

    _Do you plan to add a galerie, with unlocked character and their animation/scenes?

    Anyway, please keep going! :)

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. As for your suggestions:

      - Your understanding is correct. What I will probably do is stick with the cut scene system as it is, but allow you to click through to lower-tier scenes from the one you got. That way you won't be cheated out of the ones you might want to see.

      - I had initially planned on an unlockable gallery, though the sheer number of animations and the reliance on the backgrounds makes it somewhat difficult to implement. I'm going to give it a try, at least, once I finish with the majority of the rest of the game.

  7. I keep enjoying your game. New update looks cool! I also had situation, when Joe appears with warning and then come to slime end before Soo can leave sewer.
    Also after slime end, game stops, but we don't have a choose what to do. It's been handy if there was button "restart"... and after bad end it's usefull too. Now we can only reload page. I hope i don't ask too much.
    Oh almost forgot: Soo looks quite chubby when ride on Su. (I don't think it's bad, but looks a little strange).
    Thanks for attention and your hard work. Good luck!

    Sorry for my poor english.

    1. Thanks! And yes, I keep hearing about the slime end thing. It has been fixed. Not sure why it was doing that in the first place. The coding got borked somehow. And yeah, I plan on having a way to quickly jump back to the beginning - just don't have a menu screen to jump to yet.

      As for the Soo / Su animations, I honestly don't like them very much. Like, any of them. Probably gonna redo them someday.