Saturday, 1 December 2018

Oh, you dipshit, Sexums

I just realized I never posted a message about my on-pause plans for Seupermax on here. I had a post written out, but I never... posted it... it's just sittin' there, unpublished... very smart. AT ANY RATE, Seupermax was on hold for several months while I learned how to use Unity, and now I've decided I'm done with the whole shebang. The following is from my post on Patreon, which will probably also be kaput by the time you read this.

'Hey, guys.

This post brings with it some sad news, so I won't waste time: I've decided to stop developing adult video games. Like, cold turkey. There are a number of interrelated reasons, but they ultimately boil down to the following four big ones:

1.) Constantly working on pornography is putting a strain on my personal and social life. Despite how lewd my games get I really don't like talking about this sort of stuff with my friends or family - especially family - and so I've kept my job a secret from basically everyone but my wife. This has forced me to remain guarded about almost my entire life for more than two years, now, and I don't want to maintain the facade anymore. I like to be honest, and lying constantly about what I do for a living has become... trying. Stressfully so. I keep having to blow people off to work on my games and give them bogus, fake-sounding reasons, and it's driving me bonkers. (My wife, too. She has to lie for me too often. It's not cool.)

2.) My life has become too busy to properly keep up with a build-every-two-weeks schedule. I have absolutely hated taking the last few months off to try and learn Unity, and while many of you have reminded me that you happily support me without constant output I can't get past my own self-imposed update guidelines. It's a mental thing that I just can't shake. Tack on the fact that I'm pretty sure I'll not have a build done by Christmas and you've got a solid recipe for mental disaster. (I probably shouldn't have moved away from text-based RPGs. Everything kinda went downhill from there, didn't it?)

3.) I'm just not earning enough money from making these games. That's a weird thing to say, too, because I am making a decent living each month - but I've found myself forced into a weird income bracket where I'm fine so long as I live in a basement apartment, but anything more than that and my bank account starts to tighten uncomfortably. The income from Patreon is sitting in a little niche, probably because pixel porn is sort of a niche market already, and I can't sit in that tax bracket forever. I want my puppy to have access to a goddamned window so he can stare outside whenever he likes, and with my current income that's not really an option. (And no, unfortunately, we can't move somewhere with cheaper rent. My wife's job is here. Not gonna make her move, she likes what she does.)

4.) I... I just don't want to draw porn anymore. It really comes down to that. I like the world I've created, but damned if I am not sick to death of coming up with new ways to make pixelated characters fuck over and over. I know, every job has its share of repetition, but I've slowly come to loathe these animations. Sex should be enjoyed, and I'm just not gettin' that enjoyment anymore. Hell, real life porn is starting to become just another tool for me to reference while creating my own animations, and that ain't right.

I've always wanted to make video games for a living, and I don't want to flush that dream down the toilet. As such I plan to spend the next year or more developing an all-ages video game that I can, hopefully, sell on a platform like Steam. I've been trying to do that in my off time for a while now, but working on adult games has effectively shoved that idea to the side, and I don't want to delay it any longer. Adult game development just feels like a rut, and I need to pick myself up out of the rut and move on. Hopefully someone who still has a real passion for the work can come along and take my place, giving all youse guys the wank-worthy experiences you deserve.

I am truly and supremely sorry for this, especially if you were eagerly awaiting the next build of Seupermax. It made for a fun learning experience, and I plan to use the skills I earned in my future games. (Assuming I can make a fair shake of competing for space in the crowded game dev market. We'll see about that.) I just can't keep trying to drag myself through the process of developing games for which I have roughly zero passion when they eat up basically all of my time. I miss having a normal life.

It was a (generally) fun ride while it lasted, and even though you won't necessarily know it's me behind the wheel, I hope you get the chance to play some more of my stuff in the future. You, ah, just won't have your dicks / vages (vagi?) out when you do. Or maybe you will, I dunno. I won't judge.


PS: As a parting gift, here's a bigass zip file with a ton of past bonus animations. I'm stopping the Patreon, but I don't want people to go without, so... you know. If I work up the moxie I might do the same for a lot of Simply Mindy animations in the future, though that is a daunting task I don't want to consider right now.

PPS: If things don't go well I will probably come crawling back and do porn again in a year or so. Just sayin', I won't rule it out. I like money and eating and a roof over my head and paying rent. Well, not paying rent, but you know what I mean.'

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Simply Mindy 3.6.0 / Seupermax V. 1.0.2

Simply Mindy 3.5.0

This week's build doesn't add anything new. It does, however, create a giant repository of old stuff for you to browse. Yes, that's right - once you've beaten the game (canon ending) you gain access to a series of galleries that contain damn near every animation. There are a few odds and ends still not represented - boss enemies aren't in there yet, for example - but I'd say 95% of animations can be accessed via the galleries.

Yep. That's it. I'd say it's pretty good, personally.

Seupermax V. 1.0.2

This week's Seupermax adds yet another dungeon. Yes, I know, the last one was also a dungeon, but this one is also also a dungeon. A bigger one, with a ton of unique assets, a new enemy, a new boss, and a preview of the first unlockable character. (Though, alas, you can't play as her yet. Give me time.)

$2. So small a contribution, so useful to me. Think of how many ice cream cones I can buy with $2. Like, easily one half a cone. I could really go for one half of an ice cream cone right now.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Seupermax Demo Mk. 2 / Seupermax V. 1.0.1

Whoops. I guess I forgot last week's devblog build. Sorry, guys, I was super busy with a lot of things. You slipped my mind. Didn't remember until Friday, when I... didn't get my Patreon build done, either... let me just say that owning a puppy cuts down on both your free and your sleep time a lot. Especially when he's a cantankerous fuck like mine.

Anyway! You're here for porn, not dogs. On we go.

Seupermax Demo Mk. 2

Time to release this sucker into the wild. Seupermax is my third game, newly-arrived unto the world, and it's still in early days. There were two demos, obviously, but the first one was just a single map and a bundle of bugs, so I'll forego that one and just throw the second one at y'all. You'd be getting this one now anyway. Some details:

- Seupermax is a Legend of Zelda-style action-RPG, or at least it will be one day. You run around and bash things with Seu's whip. (Yes, Seu is the main character.) Z triggers Seu's main weapon, and if you find a secondary weapon you can use it with X. No mouse needed this time 'round.

- The game has, if memory serves, six enemies. As you kill enemies you'll occasionally just drop them on the ground. Interact with said characters and you can trigger large-scale sex scenes. X, where appropriate, will trigger cumming animations. You can exit these animations with the Enter key.

- There's one quest NPC you can find among the maps who wants something. You can interact with him, both before and after you find what he wants, with the C button.

That sums it up. There is, of course, a hell of a lot more to tell, but I'm really tired. I'll work up a new page for Seupermax to shove at the top some time in the near-to-distant future. In the meantime, have a link.

Seupermax V. 1.0.1

(Not up as of this posting. Will be shortly. This message is gonzo once it's posted. Yep.)

Enough demos, this is the real thing. Kinda. Sorta. I mean, it's not a hell of a lot larger than the demo, but it's got a bunch of new stuff that hews it much more closely to my vision. You'll get the following with the newest Seupermax build on Patreon:

- A new dungeon to explore, with the game's first boss to fight;
- A new enemy with new animations;
- A new quest animation;
- The beginnings of the jail gallery, with seven new, unlockable animations alongside the old ones, making for a grand total of fourteen enemy-related animations to enjoy; and
- Various game play tweaks to improve overall performance.

$2 is so little. Patreon doesn't want that much, guys. You know you can give. You know.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Simply Mindy 3.5.0 / Seupermax Demo Mk. 2 Preview

Working on two games simultaneously is hard and confusing, y'all. Let's get this Simply Mindy thing outta the way.

Simply Mindy 3.5.0

The latest Simply Mindy version is now up for free and all, as I've been working on Seupermax lately. The newest build is very animation-heavy, aside from a few fixes, and it provides a whopping nineteen new animations for Finale Mode. Twelve are added onto the jobs, and seven are added to the classes.

Yep. That's all. As if you came here wanting anything other than spank-worthy animations.

Seupermax Demo Mk. 2 Preview

Like I said, I worked on Seupermax almost exclusively for the last two weeks. Needed to set up more systems, as well as get started on the map proper. I still haven't really outlined what Seupermax is all about on here - that's coming in the near future - but I can at least  tell you what's new in this second demo:

- Added three new baddies for Seu to beat up and, uh, woo;
- Added four new large animations like the one above;
- Added a few sexy traps; and
- Started building the map. It's only six screens large at the moment, but there's already a fair amount to explore. (I'm using Zelda as inspiration so rest assured that I'll be jamming secret stuff into the game wherever I can.)

$2 for access to this sweet, sweet demo? You know you're interested. You know.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Simply Mindy Finale (3.4.5) / Seupermax Preview

Yep, this is it. The biggun. The freebie build finally includes the finale to Simply Mindy, which plugs a hell of a lot of new content into the game. To access it you'll need to start a new round of Simply Mindy with a minimum of 50 Morality, so hopefully you've all been good little boys and girls amidst all the naughtiness. The Finale includes:

- The ending of the Simply Mindy storyline, along with craploads of new cutscenes;
- Twelve new job animations, one for each job;
- A ton of new bosses, including one final boss that's particularly epic;
- Two new, connected dungeons, with a few new enemies;
- Lots of new sexy-sexy animations; and
- A new lover for your normal games, assuming you manage to complete the Finale.

Yep. It's a hefty addition to Simply Mindy, and I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll shut up. Enjoy the ending! It was a fuckin' long time coming!

Seupermax Preview

... and now for the NEXT game! Surprise! I've been working on this one in my (scant) spare time for a little while now, and I decided to throw a little demo up on the Patreon. Without revealing too much, it's going to be a Legend of Zelda-style adventure RPG starring Seu, owner of the Cabaresque in Simply Mindy. She gets to whip the shit out of people. Fun!

This won't be going up on the devblog for quite a while (I might not put the demo up period, to be completely honest), so if you want to get in on the thing I suggest chipping in a teensy-weensy little $2 on Patreon. I will be ever so grateful.

Poll Results

Last week's poll was a hentai trope-centric affair wherein I gave my patrons a list of common hentai themes and let 'em vote. They went with tentacle hentai, which I found boring, so I wound up mashing together the top four results into a single, glorious pixel art bit of naughtiness. I think it turned out well - and you can see it for the tiny price of $3 on Patreon. So good.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Simply Mindy Non-Build / 3.5.0 Preview

This week's freebie build is, as the title implies, not really a build at all. The shit really hit the fan when this build came along - computer died, got a new puppy, had to put together a room full of furniture in a single day, etc. - so I wound up just putting the new animations from the build into a .zip. They're plugged into the game in 3.4.0.

Need to keep with the ordering of things, so y'all get the .zip with the .gifs of a bunch of job-related animations. They include a lot of new Darkly animations, and, if I remember correctly, they finish off the pre-Finale jobs. Enjoy. (And yes, in case you can't tell, that's a link right there. Click it. I dare you.)

3.5.0 Preview

As for the Finale jobs, well. People asked for additional animations on top of the ones that already came with the finale. So this build includes twelve new animations for Finale Mode, as well as seven new animations for the School, also in Finale Mode. Math = nineteen new animations. Pretty good, I think. $2? $2, anyone?

(Oh, and 3.5.0 fixes some stuff. There are ALWAYS new fixes, aren't there?)


Ever heard of a dirndl? The folks at the $3 Patreon tier apparently had, and they voted to stick one on Amelia. Assuming you remember Amelia. Toss $3 at my Patreon and she's yours in a much more compromising position. Much.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Simply Mindy 3.3.0 / Big Finale Preview

Long time no see, y'all. It has been a long, harrowing, tiring, puppy-filled month for me, and now, a few hours into July, I've finally finished the finale for Simply Mindy. So many Fs I can't even. Which means you guys FINALLY get your freebie build. Yay?


This long-time-coming build focuses on Gaspar, the last of the important NPCs to receive a storyline. Possibly because people don't like Gaspar that much. Hell, I don't like him that much either. He's a douchebag. Nevertheless, you get his full storyline in the build, complete with:

- Three new sexy sleepovers;
- A branching storyline;
- A new boss battle; and
- Four new endings. Gaspar gets four, the Mascot job gets one.

That's that. Have at you.

3.4.0 Preview

Sweet god. Simply Mindy finally has a proper title screen image. I sure do take my time with those things.

That's far from all, though. The 3.4.0 build - which took, like, two fucking months to construct - contains the end of Simply Mindy. That's right, this build revolves around a finale scenario that sees Mindy's tale draw to a close. Once you get 50 Morality (ending-related stat) you can begin a new game in Finale Mode, which provides a new, restructured, 100-day-long version of the game with new goals, new enemies, new dungeons, and lots of new sex animations. The finale includes:

- The canonical ending to the Simply Mindy story - if you wanna know what happens you gotta play this;
- A new animation for each of the twelve jobs;
- Three new normal enemies;
- Eight new bosses;
- Two new dungeons;
- A sprawling story that covers just about every character in the game at one point or another;
- Several more lover animations, most of which are unlocked by completing the finale; and
- Closure.

Yep. All that for the low, low price of $1, because I decided to be nice and make up for the fact that this build took two months to complete. Or, you know, you can throw in more than that anyway, and I will be eternally grateful, seeing as how I turned Patreon off for a month.