Friday, 29 June 2018

Simply Mindy Finale (3.4.5) / Seupermax Preview

Yep, this is it. The biggun. The freebie build finally includes the finale to Simply Mindy, which plugs a hell of a lot of new content into the game. To access it you'll need to start a new round of Simply Mindy with a minimum of 50 Morality, so hopefully you've all been good little boys and girls amidst all the naughtiness. The Finale includes:

- The ending of the Simply Mindy storyline, along with craploads of new cutscenes;
- Twelve new job animations, one for each job;
- A ton of new bosses, including one final boss that's particularly epic;
- Two new, connected dungeons, with a few new enemies;
- Lots of new sexy-sexy animations; and
- A new lover for your normal games, assuming you manage to complete the Finale.

Yep. It's a hefty addition to Simply Mindy, and I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll shut up. Enjoy the ending! It was a fuckin' long time coming!

Seupermax Preview

... and now for the NEXT game! Surprise! I've been working on this one in my (scant) spare time for a little while now, and I decided to throw a little demo up on the Patreon. Without revealing too much, it's going to be a Legend of Zelda-style adventure RPG starring Seu, owner of the Cabaresque in Simply Mindy. She gets to whip the shit out of people. Fun!

This won't be going up on the devblog for quite a while (I might not put the demo up period, to be completely honest), so if you want to get in on the thing I suggest chipping in a teensy-weensy little $2 on Patreon. I will be ever so grateful.

Poll Results

Last week's poll was a hentai trope-centric affair wherein I gave my patrons a list of common hentai themes and let 'em vote. They went with tentacle hentai, which I found boring, so I wound up mashing together the top four results into a single, glorious pixel art bit of naughtiness. I think it turned out well - and you can see it for the tiny price of $3 on Patreon. So good.


  1. Will you make an update to Soo Cubus or leave it like that? There are a few missing scenes. (No problem if you want to left it like that, it's just to know)

  2. Does anyone else have a problem with the pimp wars mini game? i'm on 3.4.5 and using the standalone player. the guys move right through the whores and when the camera shifts, the guys move out of phase. makes its impossible to do on the last 15 seconds.