Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.7 / 2.8 Preview

I don't wanna get into what you'll find in 2.7 too much, as it's rather... climactic, I guess? Let's just say that, hey, maybe you can enter the tower. Maybe. So, y'know, start collecting those keys.

2.8, by contrast, is light on new material. That said, it can be summed up in one word:


Lots of 'em. Yay! Go to Patreon for oodles of drippy, drippy cum! Because, like, you all love the stuff, right? Right?

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.6 / 2.7 Preview

Whizzin' along nicely, with some fancy early game stuff for you to enjoy. The highlights:

- HoboFights! A brand-new area which I'm hoping will be at least a partial answer to the early game woes. Unlocked right away, HoboFights lift the battle system from other parts of the game and drops it into the streets. Fight hobos for cash and other potential prizes (namely rare items for NPCs). Since you start off really weak, Soo gets an automatic, temporary +10 to her Charisma while HoboFighting so she doesn't die after one hit.

Be warned: the hobos get stronger as the days progress. If you are weak they will stomp you. (Though the results of said stomping are sexy.)

- A new icon! You'll see it on your own. It doesn't do much yet. YET.

- A status screen! Here you can see all the items you've purchased. This includes the keys you've found. These will all get goofy descriptions when highlighted. It occurs to me now that Sew's key is not properly announced in a cut scene; it will be next week, hopefully. (You get it by purchasing her item and staring down Big D.)

- A slightly revamped stats bar! Soo blinks! Also, icons. Yay!

- One new item animation! I'd hoped to get them all done, but then I sliced my finger, and then I thought up HoboFights, and once the finger healed I became obsessed with implementing said HoboFights. I'll get the last three done this week. Joe gets the fun this time.

- A few fixes. No exclamation mark. The no Stamina boost thing after the NPC intros, for example, should be fixed now, though if you Skip the intro you jump back to the city without seeing a scene at the NPC's house. One thing after another.

And the preview for 2.7? Wellllllllllll...


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.5.2 / 2.6 Preview

2.5.2! This release was technically rather complex, so I needed to go back and fix some stuff. (The .2 was in anticipation of at least one other release last week, but it didn't happen. Lucky.) The highlights:

- New items in the store. Six of them. Does that number seem familiar at all? It should. Each one has an effect on things listed below. Each item will also unlock one extra animation per NPC, though I haven't finished most of them yet. Only Guy's got done.

 I suspect these items will probably annoy people at first, as they essentially put a roadblock in front of the NPCs. They're going to do more in the future, so... you'll just have to grin and bear it at this point.

 - The lovers all have extra scenes which may or may not go well, depending on your purchases. If they don't go well...

 - The aftermath of the battle with Big D is quite different if you fight him with significant NPC interactions, and the game may not end depending on your choices. This choice will also, ultimately, be tied into which NPC will appear in the game's 'best' ending, which, at the moment, doesn't exist. Soon!

 - Some of the conversations outlined above change depending on which items you own and which NPCs are involved. Sound confusing? It is!

 - There are two new endings, and one new battle. I'll let you find 'em on your own. (Hint: Play badly. But not too badly. Savvy? I don't think many people will see one of the endings unless they really go looking for it.) - Messed with the numbers in many ways. It takes fewer visits to the church and strip club to get to Amelia and Sew's homes, for example. Wanted to compress the experience a little. Chances are good y'all won't notice these changes too much.

 - The Leave button on the horse races can no longer be used when you've lost a bet. I swear that wasn't an issue in earlier releases, but... alas...

 - Fixed Mindy's dialogue in the shop. Yay.

Aaaaaaaas for the preview...

HOBOFIIIIIGHTS! A new area where you can earn cash (and occasional prizes) for beating the shit out of hobos. And if you lose? Well, the result is predictable. Also included are two more animations tied to items, a status screen, aaaaaand a new icon on the city map. Oooo...!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Soo Cubus Pre-Alpha 2.4 / 2.5 Preview

Eesh. Seems like every update these days is just a new build. Probably has to do with entering spoiler territory - I don't wanna get too far ahead in the game.

ANYWAY. New build! What to expect:

- Hard Mode isn't complete, but the prize for embarking 'ponst it is: a new area, as hinted. I'll let those brave souls who want to try it out give the place a go. You won't unlock it until fairly late in the game, and it's for aesthetics only, but I tried to make the prize well worth the effort. Plan to add more animations to it in the future, as well; for the moment there are four. Click the picture to make a new picture pop up without having to leave the screen. (Should really remove the randomization aspect of this, and will. Eventually.)

I've realized since release of this build that the Hard Mode area will unlock in any mode. Way to go, Sexums. That's fixed in the latest build. Enjoy it for now, I guess.

- (Hard Mode also is appreciably harder, since you don't get stat boosts and the rent is higher. So...maybe it's done? Maybe I shouldn't make it impossible? We'll see.)

- The sewers have been overhauled dramatically. You can now choose from one of three paths, each of which has its own share of monsters. The limit left on how long you have in the sewers is now displayed on the screen, as are your stats.  There are also 60 new 'encounters', more or less, which rely on your stats for resolution. Have fun!

I may change the prizes you get from delving into the sewers and making it all the way through the paths in the future. Or at the very least I'll randomize what you can get.

- Speaking of the sewers, there are three more monsters. One of them is more of a joke monster that should amuse D&D fans / nerds in general.

- Amelia has her 'filling in' animation. Missed it last time. Whoopsie.

- Last, a few new backgrounds. Yup.

As for next weeeeek...

... well, decisions, decisions. MOST of the stuff pertains to the six lovers, including items that relate to each of them - and a way to lose them. Permanently. (Okay, semi-permanently.) There are a ton of new cut scenes, two new animations, two new endings, a new battle, and lotsa tweaks. I would put an image up, but, spoilers, dood. Spoilers.

We're closing in on the finish line, slowly but surely. Enjoy!