Sunday, 21 August 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.6 / 2.7 Preview

Whizzin' along nicely, with some fancy early game stuff for you to enjoy. The highlights:

- HoboFights! A brand-new area which I'm hoping will be at least a partial answer to the early game woes. Unlocked right away, HoboFights lift the battle system from other parts of the game and drops it into the streets. Fight hobos for cash and other potential prizes (namely rare items for NPCs). Since you start off really weak, Soo gets an automatic, temporary +10 to her Charisma while HoboFighting so she doesn't die after one hit.

Be warned: the hobos get stronger as the days progress. If you are weak they will stomp you. (Though the results of said stomping are sexy.)

- A new icon! You'll see it on your own. It doesn't do much yet. YET.

- A status screen! Here you can see all the items you've purchased. This includes the keys you've found. These will all get goofy descriptions when highlighted. It occurs to me now that Sew's key is not properly announced in a cut scene; it will be next week, hopefully. (You get it by purchasing her item and staring down Big D.)

- A slightly revamped stats bar! Soo blinks! Also, icons. Yay!

- One new item animation! I'd hoped to get them all done, but then I sliced my finger, and then I thought up HoboFights, and once the finger healed I became obsessed with implementing said HoboFights. I'll get the last three done this week. Joe gets the fun this time.

- A few fixes. No exclamation mark. The no Stamina boost thing after the NPC intros, for example, should be fixed now, though if you Skip the intro you jump back to the city without seeing a scene at the NPC's house. One thing after another.

And the preview for 2.7? Wellllllllllll...


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  1. Quick notes on some bugs:

    -Somehow my strength was set to my intelligence, went up by around 100 or so. I suspect somewhere in your code you have a strength = intelligence + 1. I think it happened in the sewers.

    -On your first encounter with Joe, even if you don't have the special mask, you get the animation like you do have one. I think the mask animation is included in the loop of possible "pre-seduction" animations.

    -If you get Joe killed then explore the third level of the sewers, he still shows up to warn you of the dangers.