Sunday, 7 August 2016

Soo Cubus Pre-Alpha 2.4 / 2.5 Preview

Eesh. Seems like every update these days is just a new build. Probably has to do with entering spoiler territory - I don't wanna get too far ahead in the game.

ANYWAY. New build! What to expect:

- Hard Mode isn't complete, but the prize for embarking 'ponst it is: a new area, as hinted. I'll let those brave souls who want to try it out give the place a go. You won't unlock it until fairly late in the game, and it's for aesthetics only, but I tried to make the prize well worth the effort. Plan to add more animations to it in the future, as well; for the moment there are four. Click the picture to make a new picture pop up without having to leave the screen. (Should really remove the randomization aspect of this, and will. Eventually.)

I've realized since release of this build that the Hard Mode area will unlock in any mode. Way to go, Sexums. That's fixed in the latest build. Enjoy it for now, I guess.

- (Hard Mode also is appreciably harder, since you don't get stat boosts and the rent is higher. So...maybe it's done? Maybe I shouldn't make it impossible? We'll see.)

- The sewers have been overhauled dramatically. You can now choose from one of three paths, each of which has its own share of monsters. The limit left on how long you have in the sewers is now displayed on the screen, as are your stats.  There are also 60 new 'encounters', more or less, which rely on your stats for resolution. Have fun!

I may change the prizes you get from delving into the sewers and making it all the way through the paths in the future. Or at the very least I'll randomize what you can get.

- Speaking of the sewers, there are three more monsters. One of them is more of a joke monster that should amuse D&D fans / nerds in general.

- Amelia has her 'filling in' animation. Missed it last time. Whoopsie.

- Last, a few new backgrounds. Yup.

As for next weeeeek...

... well, decisions, decisions. MOST of the stuff pertains to the six lovers, including items that relate to each of them - and a way to lose them. Permanently. (Okay, semi-permanently.) There are a ton of new cut scenes, two new animations, two new endings, a new battle, and lotsa tweaks. I would put an image up, but, spoilers, dood. Spoilers.

We're closing in on the finish line, slowly but surely. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, been busy, but got a chance to play a couple times (free version). Thought I'd weigh in on the changes again, even though I don't have as much experience this time around.

    First - changes to the sewers are amazing. I don't think it's perfect - I didn't notice the clock at all until reading about it here, and I think the battles can be underwhelming since it seems to be just "choose your best stat". Anyway, much more interesting and less janky. I like it.

    New items - cool. Temporary stat boosts cost reduction seems good too, although it didn't seem they lasted for three days. I didn't get to fully test that. At $300 I'm at least considering purchasing them.

    Amelia and her robot are hilarious; great writing.

    I had the same issue others from LoK had - I thought the game froze when I got a game over in the sewers. You'll fix that. Would generally be nice to be able to restart game from game over screen.

    You might want to consider some kind of indicator for animations that will continue/advance when you click. Newer players might not realize that any of them advance.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Glad you're still enjoying it on the whole. Lesse:

      - I'm thinking of changing the sewer battles to something closer to the other RPG battles that appear elsewhere in the game, if you've hit any of them. Not sure yet. But yes, the sewers could still use some work, for sure.

      - The temp stats only last for one day. Does it say three days? It shouldn't, though given that I almost never use them personally that might be worth the money more. Honestly considering replacing them altogether with other stuff.

      - Yep, gonna add Game Over signs again.

      - The main reason I haven't added any indicators of continued animations is the fact that not many of them DO advance. I plan to spend one week adding cumshots to as many animations as I can, at which point I'll make the clicking functionality more obvious.