Friday, 15 June 2018

Simply Mindy Non-Build / 3.5.0 Preview

This week's freebie build is, as the title implies, not really a build at all. The shit really hit the fan when this build came along - computer died, got a new puppy, had to put together a room full of furniture in a single day, etc. - so I wound up just putting the new animations from the build into a .zip. They're plugged into the game in 3.4.0.

Need to keep with the ordering of things, so y'all get the .zip with the .gifs of a bunch of job-related animations. They include a lot of new Darkly animations, and, if I remember correctly, they finish off the pre-Finale jobs. Enjoy. (And yes, in case you can't tell, that's a link right there. Click it. I dare you.)

3.5.0 Preview

As for the Finale jobs, well. People asked for additional animations on top of the ones that already came with the finale. So this build includes twelve new animations for Finale Mode, as well as seven new animations for the School, also in Finale Mode. Math = nineteen new animations. Pretty good, I think. $2? $2, anyone?

(Oh, and 3.5.0 fixes some stuff. There are ALWAYS new fixes, aren't there?)


Ever heard of a dirndl? The folks at the $3 Patreon tier apparently had, and they voted to stick one on Amelia. Assuming you remember Amelia. Toss $3 at my Patreon and she's yours in a much more compromising position. Much.


  1. Yo! Sexums, what's up. Just wanna say hi! Big fan of your games <3. I want to let you know that Im currently planning (studying) to be a spanish - english translator. (im from argentina, so my native language is spanish). So, if you want some localizations i'd be happy to lend you a hand!

  2. Does anyone else have a problem with the pimp wars mini game? i'm on 3.4.5 and using the standalone player. the guys move right through the whores and when the camera shifts, the guys move out of phase. makes its impossible to do on the last 15 seconds.

  3. Picked Pimpy for the pimp wars and now the fight for Soo starts and I lose the fight, but instead of going to an ending it fades to black and hangs. If I try to reload it auto goes into the cutscene so I am stuck in a loop or lose->black screen.https://www.blogger.com/profile/07292516990428700625

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