Monday, 25 July 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.2 / Pre-Alpha 2.3 Preview!

Need to stop leaving this until late, late at night. I am dumb. New stuff:

 - New graphics. All of the characters have pixelated cut scene counterparts, more or less completely replacing the traditional art. Many have new animations, as well. (The thug from Sew's intro scene has been cut out to save a bit of space. Not sure if I'll add him back or not.)

 - Revamped cut scenes. There are only two 'slice' scenes in each one, where there used to be three, but these are now animated. Not sure if I'll go back to three or not.

 - Sid now has a sex scene. Yay!

 - The endings have not been fully redrawn yet. I was trying to get them done, started to rush, realized the art quality would suffer, and decided to hold off. In the meantime they still have the same ol' art in place.

 - 'Enhanced' backgrounds. I wanted to get to them all; only managed to change a couple. Over the next week I'm planning to finish them up. These were of secondary importance to finishing the character art.

 Please let me know if any of the sprites in the revamped areas are off-centre or anything. I tested as much as I could, and I don't think there are any issues, but it's possible some of the sex scenes aren't properly positioned anymore.

As for Pre-Alpha 2.3, well, more new graphics! Alsooooo...

By god, is that a nun? And a robot? In an airship? Maybe.

(Also, patrons, in case you're seeing this and wondering where YOUR new version is, it's coming shortly. Just have a few things to tidy up and finish. Gimme an hour or two. None of you should be awake right now anyway.)

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  1. i was playing and tought of a new character.
    how about soo finds a office secretary job and goes to her boss house in the end?