Sunday, 17 July 2016

Next build will be a day late.

I'm likely holding back the next Patron-only build until Tuesday so I can finish work on overhauling the sprite graphics. Because I release both public and patron-only builds more or less simultaneously, and because it's such an involved process, I'm going to hold back the public build as well. You'll probably see it on Monday night / Tuesday morning. Sorry, Sid fans.


  1. So Patrons get a new build Tuesday, and everyone else waits a week for anything new. I'm reading that right, correct?

    1. Patrons are a week ahead on every new build. Normally I release on Sunday night / Monday morning, but because I wanted to get more done so it wasn't an incomplete patron release (which it still is in some ways) I held off for a day.

    2. Okay, I thought the prior build was the same for Patrons and nonPatrons. I'm pondering becoming a patron, but was selfishly wanting to make sure that there'd be a newer version to get access to when I did.

    3. If you meant 2.0.5, it was just a minor change that needed to be made to what I'd given to the patrons originally. And yes, if you become a patron you'll always be about a week ahead on updates. I also give patrons more info on what to expect in future updates, and what I'm working on any given week.