Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.9, and the advent of items.

It's SunMonday, which means it's also update day. On the docket this week:

- The mall is now open for business. You can purchase basic items that both boost your stats temporarily and permanently. Not sure if the temporary stat boosts items will remain in play, but the permanent ones are expensive enough that they don't break the game, and I've found them rather handy while testing. There's also one super-expensive item that should satisfy some players. Plenty more to come in the future. (And no, you won't find any secrets by hitting those blacked-out boxes. Ze toggles do nuzing!)

- Added a bunch of animations tied to specific abilities chosen at the beginning of the game, and tied a few of the existing random encounters to those same abilities. I'd ultimately like to have one random event for each ability at each location; at the moment all of them except the library have one. By next week there will be more.

- Also added more animations in general. The landlord gets another one, which will be part of a later 'punishment' series to make the game a bit tougher, and the gas station, street, church, and prison all have three normal animations. (I swear I did another one, but I can't remember which it was.)

- Added 'Give In' and 'Leave' buttons to the sewers. You can now submit to monsters to your hearts' desires. Also tried to make it so monsters will show up a bit more often by tweaking the effects of Int on your progress through the sewers. Will continue to mess with this formula going forward, as well.

-Yes, at last, fixed the bug that keeps you in the sewers after Joe's warning. You'll be shunted outside instead. No more slime monster ending. (Unless you go looking for it, I guess.)

- Last, added a little Patreon symbol that links to this page. Hint hint.

You know where to go by now. Next week: more animations to add to the pile, tweaks to the sewers, and the addition of the ability beasts that I pimped out earlier. There are four, and they are (sexually) ravenous.

Also, probably, other stuff. Enjoy!


  1. Great update, again! Just commenting to say that I noticed when you get a "free" charisma boost from the bar the text in the top left has disappeared.

  2. When you mean street do you mean with car or initial alleyway, cause I did find one with the car.