Friday, 30 September 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.2 / 3.3 Preview

Build 3.2's new mechanic revolves around dating. It's a bit rough, as the coding / drawing took me fucking forever, and some things in this build haven't been finished / fully implemented. Here's what you can currently expect:

- Each date requires a full day, similar to exploring the sewer. There is no warning message yet; I'll put that in for next week. (The Stamina also doesn't get subtracted yet, because derp, so have fun with them.)

- You can date multiple times, though you can only have one SUCCESSFUL date. Once you lock down a successful date the icon for dating disappears. At the moment there's no 'locking down' a date, so go to town and do it as many times as you like without it disappearing.

- There is a shit-ton of dialogue jammed into this thing, and you'll get different responses from each character depending on your choices, as well as their likes and dislikes. There's as much dialogue in dating as there is in probably the rest of the game.

- Ultimately dating will unlock new animations for the NPC sleepovers. I have NOT completed these animations yet, as the dating sequence itself took for-fucking-ever. They're in the Patreon build, and will appear publicly next week.

- Nothing in dating is tied to your stats. It comes down to knowing the characters and making intuitive decisions based on what you think they would and would not like. (Though if you ALWAYS choose what they would like you'll miss out on a lot of dialogue. Just sayin'.)

- There are bonus animations tied into dating that involve one of the side NPCs. At the moment these only trigger after a successful date; eventually they will only trigger after a successful date and IF you HAVEN'T done something else in the game. Probably make more sense when you see the scenes. These bonus scenes only include the girls right now - eventually the guys will get in on it too.

- All that aside, I also re-did one of the normal animations (let's see if you can discover which one!), and the stadium and pub backdrops have been improved.

Yep. Dating. It still needs a bit more sparkle, and there's a lot of stuff still missing (obviously), but I find it to be rather fun, and getting to write all that dialogue was quite enjoyable.If exhausting. Let me know if there are any editing flubs. The dating mechanic is still a bit twitchy in general, but it should work enough to give you the gist of the final product. Enjoy! 

... oh, and the stuff mentioned above that ISN'T finished in 3.2? Yeah, it's in 3.3. So. If you want the full dating deal, head over to Patreon.


  1. The amount of content on this game is amazing, keep up the good work. Just don't over strecht yourself, please.

  2. So good but you can have more limit day please just 200 or less more 200 please something to time up to fast for someone play this game

  3. thats some good shit you got there

  4. where is the download link