Monday, 26 September 2016

For all the good it will do...

Honestly. Stop commenting on the fact / complaining that I've put the 100 day restriction back in place. There's going to be a sandbox mode. I've pretty much always intended for there to be a sandbox mode, and it's going to be in the game as an unlockable.

The 100 day limit is there to make the game a challenge. I'm not making a pure sex simulator that's no challenge, I'm making a game. You are not meant to do everything in one playthrough, because from day one I've been designing Soo Cubus to have more stuff than you can plough through in 100 days. It's called replay value. You wanna see everything? Play through the game a second or third time. It doesn't take that long.

I have to assume the people complaining haven't bothered reading the story while playing. The 100 day limit is established right at the beginning. I'm not changing that aspect of the plot. I know you need to please your fans, but as a burgeoning game dev - and a creative type in general - I've also learned that you need to stick to your guns and not make some compromises. I'm not compromising on this.

I try to reply to as many comments as I can, but I'm tired of responding to the whole unlimited thing. I'm not going to anymore. Sandbox mode will be in the game, you'll have to unlock it, and that's that. Give it up. For my sanity.


  1. That is a GREAT decision. If people want some fap-material without any challenge involved, there are plenty of animations out there. I always enjoyed hentai games because apart from obvious porn they also involve actual game mechanics and challenges, which I, as a gamer, love. Glad you're not bending the knee to all the crybabies!

  2. But if we fuck with your sanity enough maybe you'll give in to our lord and saviour Cthulu and add more tentacles.