Sunday, 11 September 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.9.5 / 3.0 Preview / Next week I'm off

New build? New build. Let's do it.

Yes, Mindy is now a more 'robust' NPC than she used to be. She's not full-on relationship-y like the other NPCs, but there are still plenty of sexy animations to see. I got enough requests for her - and messages just kinda assuming she could be sexed - that I felt obliged.

Where is she? NOT TELLING! No hints, aside from a suggestion that you visit one of the locations a sizeable number of times. Like, oh, fifteen times or so. That should do it.

 (Okay, one other hint: you want to be ready for a fight. You get one chance to 'unlock' her. Just putting it out there.)

 Aside from Mindy getting the bork treatment I made a few other changes:

 - Added ending signs. The endings have names again. Yay! - Finally got around to pixelizing the 'Time's Up' ending, as well as Gus, the crazy hobo who appears during said ending.

- Added two more endings. Both of them are related to Mindy.

- Fixed a few minor things. There are always a few minor things.

- The infinite mode thing is gone. You hit 100 days, you're done. There are enough endings at this point - including the four key ending - that I feel comfortable wiping out unlimited time to play the game. Let complaining commence in 3... 2... 1...

- As for the .5 part of the title, I fixed a few things pertaining to the new content.

What do Patreon users get, you ask? I refer you to the screenshot below.

Notice a difference in this classic scene? You should: some lady is flashing some dude in the background. That is just one of many little background characters I have spread 'round the game. Each scene has its own allotment of background peeps, ranging from a single animation to several, and they will change whenever you leave and re-enter a scene. Hardy seemed lonely, so I gave it some friends.

... some friends with cumshots.

Also? Also also? Also also also? The female lovers might just pop up in the backgrounds as well. Might.

FINALLY, I just have to announce that I will likely not be putting out a public release next week. I'm moving from a Sunday / Monday release to a Friday / Saturday release, allowing me to, like, have a life again. The next release is going to be smaller than normal, since previously I jammed a lot of my work into the weekend, so I will probably bundle whatever I get done into the next public release two weeks from now. (Patreon users will get their once-a-week release per normal.)

And in case anyone asks why I'm doing this, it's partly because it takes quite a while to do a public release of a build, and I don't really have time next weekend. SO, y'know, see you in two weeks, folks.

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  1. have taken the infinite mode was something really bad , I could explore all play with the infinite way and now I can hardly takes it to 100 days : / will not stop playing the game , the more discouraged me quite