Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pre-Alpha 2.8 / 2.9 Preview

Howdy folks. It's a gooey week this week. The changes:

- CUMSHOTS! Tons and tons of cumshots. I didn't get them all done, but at this point I think most of the animations (maybe 75 - 80%) where a cumshot is warranted now, indeed, possesses a cumshot. A little red button appears when you can cum the shot. Yay!

Do note that, no, I didn't get all of them done. Will be done in two weeks. There are also a few, mainly those with two female characters, where I'm less certain how I should proceed. Mass squirting? I guess that could work. I'll continue to ponder. Nevertheless, there are some animations where you're just not gonna see a cumshot.

- Bug fixes. I went through a bunch of the comments I got here and on forums and fixed some things that needed fixing. A lot of it is minor stuff that most players may not even notice, but, there you go. Many thanks to everybody who contributed.

- In particular, I fixed the revive thing. It should work properly now, regardless of which attack you use to beat... erm... someone. Yay! Revive those dead peeps! Yell at me if it continues to fuck up, though I tested it earlier in the week and it worked fine.

- Also realized that Sew's fourth animation, tied to her item, somehow didn't make it into the game last week. No clue how I missed that. This has been rectified.

In addition to the cumshots I made a concerted effort this week to integrate sounds into the game. I made some headway, and there are snipped moans and some other sound effects in the game now, but I disabled them temporarily, until I have a better grasp on how I want 'em to work. More than likely I'll tie the sound effects to particular frames in each animation. Tweaking underway; will probably take a while.

As for the preeeevieeeeew...

Yup. You go Patreon, you go Mindy.

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