Friday, 7 October 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.3.5 / 3.4 Preview

3.3 is a touchup on what I began last week with the dating stuff. The highlights of this update:

- The animations unlocked after successfully completing a date have all been implemented for the six characters. Knock yourselves out.

- The immediately post-date stuff has been completed as well. Those of you who dated the women probably saw some interesting animations with the landlord; you can see them for every NPC now, assuming the landlord is still kickin' it human-style.

- Along those same lines, Amelia has some extra animations with the landlord - though they come at a cost. Assuming the two are set up, have a look around the hookin' areas. (I might add more of these animations later. You'll see what I mean.)

- Fixed a few minor issues with dating. Actors should not go flying all over the place anymore near the end of the date, for example. Let me know if this issue persists for anyone.

- Added sounds to more of the pre-existing animations. Not all, but a fair amount. Should get them all sounded-up within the next week or two.

- Sew is still chopped off at the waist during the date. Just remembered I forgot to fix that. Dammit!

- Probably other stuff I've forgotten. Worked a bit on some sound bugs; not 100% sure if they've been resolved, but there should at least be fewer problems.

This brings us to the month of October, which will likely be the last month where you see any substantial content-related additions to Soo Cubus. The game is almost done in terms of gameplay, and just needs a lot of polishing. I'll continue to do this on a regular basis.

3.4? Patreon? Not too much new content, but there's substantially greater access to the old stuff. That's right, there's a form of limited gallery mode now, as you can cycle through the animations you've unlocked once you reach the top 'tier' of animations in the hookin' locations. Not EVERYTHING is plugged in - the sewers still need work - but for the most part, everything you wanna see, you can see. Y'know, if you throw money at me. Enjoy!

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  1. Yep It good but still have bug when I talk a girl in jail don't know name yet and in last talk to have a sex it bug I can't click any thing I not good English sorry about that