Friday, 21 October 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.5 / Week off

Howdy doo, fellows. New release ahoy.

The major addition this week was that of the rest of the ability animations, which you can locate most easily via the (now fixed) gallery selections in each of the hooking locations. The new animations are as follows:

- Alley - Chr

- Gas Station - Str and Chr

- Club - Str

- Library - Str

- Jail - Int

Pretty sure that's all of 'em. Let me know if I missed one.

I have also (finally) rejigged how Int affects ability animations. Your chances of getting these scenes doesn't get any higher once your Int moves past 100, which is more than high enough for the average game of Soo Cubus. This should prevent the ability animations from completely eclipsing the other, normal-tier animations.

I also ALSO balanced some of the ability bonuses. They're less game-shattering than they used to be. The result is a slightly less easy street, but still relatively fair, gaming experience. Also made sure they were all accurate to what was being said on the screen, as I know at least one of them simply didn't take away Stamina. (Feel free to correct me on that.)

Other changes:

- Added a New Game Plus mode! Of sorts. I said I wouldn't before, but I came up with a way to make it work that satisfies me. The idea is simple enough: beating the game once will allow you, during stat allocation on your next playthrough, to access an extra menu where you can give Soo bonuses. Each ending provides a unique bonus that makes playing through the game the next time at least a bit easier. Yes, even the 'bad' endings give you bonuses. I'll probably expand on it a bit in the future by adding additional animations unlocked by the endings..

... not to mention more endings period. There are two on there which cannot be unlocked yet (they're 'good' ending endings) so don't worry about it. Right now you can unlock... eleven, off the top of my head...? Pretty sure it's eleven. Will probably try and fill in the entire last row before I finish with Soo Cubus, bringing the total up to eighteen.

Please note that, at the moment, choosing a New Game from the main menu will wipe out the endings you've unlocked. I'm looking into ways to force the game to permanently save those variables without simply reloading the full game each time you open it up. Until I figure that out I suggest you choose Load Game unless you want to start over from scratch.

I've also noticed that the New Game Plus screen is a teensy bit laggy at times. No clue why, but I'll tinker. 

- Finally, FINALLY finished the 'fail' animations. The two added ones aren't amazingly amazing, but hell, they're there. I've also added all of the fail animations to the gallery modes.

- Added a few more cumshots. Ayup.

- Tinkered with assorted bugs that needed to be fixed. You won't get to simply date anyone you like upon restarting immediately, for example, and Sid / Su's cycling animations work again. (Assuming they were broken. Was that this week? I can't even remember anymore...)

Next week will not have a new build, as I made the executive decision (with the help of a poll 'mongst my Patrons) to power through this week, skip a build, and have the ending done for next week. And by ending I mean, of course, the 'good' ending that I've been talking about for a while. It's coming along nicely as of this writing, with a heavy reference to an old SNES RPG, and should be ready on time.

So yeah. You public people are on par with the patrons right now. Only for a week, and you have to wait two weeks for the new release, but... hey. Hey. Don't worry about it, yah? Don't worry about it.

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