Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Good Ending, aka Pre-Alpha 3.6. (Preview only, mind.)

Hi, folks. As promised, there's no release this week if you're part of the public. This is because I spent two weeks creating and refining the 'good' ending, and I need to make sure my patrons remain ahead of the game. I can, however, give a taste of what you'll get if you become a patron.

The big thing is... the good ending! It has been a long time coming, and it's easily the most expansive of the endings, including the following:

- The resolution of the Soo Cubus story (such as it is)

- Three more boss battles, all of them ridiculous

- A shit-ton of dialogue

- The coming-together of the lovers in a final scene where Soo can have a twosome or a threesome with characters who have definitely never met before

- A sweet scrolling Final Fantasy-esque boss background, and a few references to one game in particular

- Jizz

In addition there's plenty of other goodies crammed in, including a few bug fixes, another ending, another boss (making for a grand total of four new fights in this build), another achievement to go with the ending, new animations for Soo's attacks, and other things I don't remember. I've been working for a good thirteen hours by now so my brain is on the fritz.

The Future

Now I believe is a good time to talk upon the future of the Cubus games. You may have noticed that there is a poll to the right, concluded a while ago, on who should star in the next game. Rest assured that, yes, Mindy is going to be the star of the sequel, and, yes, I'm going to start working on it pretty soon. It'll be bigger, more detailed, and, hopefully, even better than Soo Cubus, a game for which, despite its failings, I have a lot of pride.

Here's the thing, though. In order to provide better builds each release I need more time, and in order to have more time I need to not release a build every danged week. This is especially true since I plan on making the next game higher-res, which will require more drawing time. Here, then, is what's gonna happen:

- I plan on release the first build of the next game, whatever it's gonna be called, on December 2. This build will be for patrons only, because I wanna reward them for being so awesome to me.

- One month after that build (early January) I'll release that build to the public. From that point on I'll start releasing builds every two weeks. Consequently you'll get two builds per month rather than four. This may make many of you frown, but by the end of Soo Cubus people were starting to complain that the builds didn't seem all that different from one another, and this way you'll get more new stuff with each iteration.

- During this time I'll keep releasing builds of Soo Cubus. For all of November I'll continue to polish and refine it while working on the new game, kicking out the bugs and getting everything nice and neat and tidy. It still needs a lot of work, and I want to add more endings / animations / other stuff on top. Once I hit December Soo Cubus builds will come every other week, like the builds of the new game, and I'll probably do one game one week and the other game the next.

Subsequent builds of Soo Cubus are not likely to be substantially different, I'll warn you now. I'm gonna add stuff, yes, but what you see now is what you get, for the most part. Don't come back in three months expecting a different experience.

Soooo yeah, tl;dr: New game starting in December / January, Soo Cubus will keep getting little updates here and there, check out Patreon if you just can't stand not seeing the ending right this moment. You know you can't, you just know.

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