Friday, 4 November 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.6. Yes, this one has the good ending. Fucking finally.

Yep. As promised, I got the good ending done this week. Finally. At fuckin' last. Good lord this took a long time. The details:

- Gather six+ keys and things will go differently at the tower. It looks the same at first, but it ain't.

- There are three new bosses. Be prepped.

- The ending is a fair bit longer than any other in the game. Obviously. There is, of course, a failure ending as well. Both have been added to the achievements thing when you restart the game.

- The sex scene near the end of the ending varies depending on which characters you've successfully wooed. There are alternate scenes for two male lovers, two female lovers, one female lover and one male lover, one female / male lover, or no lovers at all. The dialogue changes as well; if you want more 'substantive' conversations, stick with a single lover.

- Linking up with that, wooing characters via dates, getting items, and one other (deadly) method now contributes to this ending. The possibilities for that final sex scene are endless! Or... not, but, there are a fair number of combinations, so shut up.

- Game over! Weeee!

Let me know if the ending is wonky at all. I tested the ever-living fuck out of it, particularly the lovers mechanic, but there's still room for error. I kinda worry that the scene before the second battle might be problematic for some people, and if that's the case I'll re-jig it somehow.

In addition I made some more changes:

- Added another ending. No hints, but it shouldn't be that difficult to find, and it adds a bit of a twist to something players have been able to exploit for ages. Keep playing and it will almost certainly pop up. And yes, this is a bad ending, so... okay, I guess that's a bit of a hint. Avoiding the ending is also beneficial in its own way.

- I got tired of Soo looking so dull when attacking, so she now has two different attack animations, one for Resist and one for Persuade. I tend to like Persuade more, and you will too.

- Combat clickspamming is no longer a thing.

- Tinkered with a few odds and ends throughout the game.

So... yeah! That's Soo Cubus 'done'. When I say 'done', of course, I don't really mean 'done'. There are lots of bugs to vanquish, lots of sprites to polish, lots of typos to correct, a few more endings to add... and... things. To thing. Suffice it to say that I bet I'll be working on Soo Cubus for a while.

Assssss for 3.7... because, yes, there's still new stuff getting plugged into the game...

I'll just leave this here. Go to Patreon to learn more. Go, go! For the good of my bank account!

Weekly updates will continue throughout this month. After that I'll be switching to the bi-weekly schedule. Then, starting in January (for the public, anyway - Patreons get it in December), a new game! Huzzah!

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