Thursday, 17 November 2016

Pre-Alpha 3.8

The slowing down continues, as I'm shifting more and more attention to the new game. Highlights:

 - Added a new potential ending. This one can gift you with a key if you get through it, and the key itself is a clue as to what you need to do. Might have to zoom in to see it properly. (Someone suggested an ending along these lines ages ago. It's incredibly specific, and I anticipate many questions about it in the future.)

- Changed the College, Pub, and Gym somewhat. Rather than having money subtracted when entering from the city screen you jump into the location for free, and you can decide whether you want to get a +1, a +2, or a +3 stat upgrade. +2 costs $500; +3 costs $1,000.

There is still a chance when doing this that you'll trigger the 'bonus' animations that cost zero dollars, though I've removed the stipulation that you need to have a particular ability to trigger the animation. I would ultimately like to make this a bit more robust (and maybe replace some of the animations, 'cause I don't like them that much anymore).

 - Changed up the explosion animation. It used to look rather shitty. Now it does not.

 - If Amelia shacked up with the landlord and she was one of your lovers previously (not via dating, the other, harder way) you would simply lose her as an option. Now she'll regain her lover status after she, uh, 'ditches' the landlord.

 - The Chr ability animation for the alley now removes Stamina, just as it should. Dagnabbit, will I ever be done with those stupid animations?

 - The sewers properly display a message after returning from a battle, where there was previously an empty text box.

 - You can no longer clickspam the sewer 'end of the line' prizes for increased bonus stats. I don't know why the engine is being so dumb about removing the buttons, but you may experience about a second of lag after you make your choice. Trying to find a way to eliminate this, but for the moment at least you are restricted to a single stat bump, as intended.

The bug hunt continues, and next week / this week's Patreon is a bug hunt period. I need to make more headway on the new game, as I didn't get a whole lot done on it this week. The cut scene for the new ending ate up way too much time, thanks to Stencyl's constant refusal to cooperate. ... or my lack of programming skill. I'm improving, though...

Anyway. Two more endings to go, and one of them will be epic, I promise. Enjoy!

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