Friday, 11 November 2016

Soo Cubus Pre-Alpha 3.7

Getting down to the wire. Now that the big 'ol ending has been broached Soo Cubus is mainly about tying up loose ends, adding a few more conclusions / related bonuses, and polishing, endless polishing. This week's highlights:

- Added a new ending. It's kind of an old ending rejigged, but it's still a thing. The splodey Earth one aside, this might be the hardest one to find, so two hints: it's in the sewers and you need to get two other endings first before it will trigger. Might also maybe involve something you couldn't fight before. So I guess that's three hints.

- Related to that, there's now a gallery for all the other stuff. It combines the hobo fights and the sewer monsters. Unlocking it is the reward for getting the ending mentioned above. 

Please note that the gallery is still a little screwy, and I can't figure out why it does some of the things it does. The ChrBeast is a particular point of weirdness for me, since it does not appear when you're clicking to the right - but if you click back to it from the IntBeast, it appears as it should. Utterly perplexing. I'll keep messing with it, but in the meantime the weirdness can be dispelled just by scrolling through characters and / or fiddling with the red splooge button.

Please let me know if you experience anything wrong with the hobos or monsters in their 'natural' environments. I had to change the coding of the base characters to make them work in the gallery, and though I've tested them as much as I could in HoboFights and the Sewers respectively, I haven't managed as much testing as I would've liked. What I've seen so far leads me to believe that they work fine, though.

As a side effect of all this, the monster and hobo cumming animations now loop if you keep pressing the splooge button. Again, this is a bit wonky with the beasts.

- Finished up the cut scenes that didn't have character expressions.

- Fixed some of the text problems. It won't appear before the text box appears anymore, for example. Let me know if I missed any of these, though I think I got the majority.

- Did a bunch of specific tweaks to various cut scenes. The scene just before entering the tower will have a different number of keyholes showing depending on how many keys you currently have, for example.

- Gave Soo a 'defeated' animation during combat, assuming you lose a battle. It gets a few seconds of play time before the screen transitions elsewhere.

- Also changed Soo's Resist attack. The sword strike was epic, but it didn't seem silly / sexy enough for a dumb game like Soo Cubus.

- Tinkered with the achievements / bonuses screen so it's not laggy. At all. I suspect I can do something similar with dating to make it less laggy, too, but it's gonna take a lot more work to rejig that clusterfuck of a scene, let me tell you what.

- Fixed the lover coin thingy where you lost your lover if they died but were resurrected.

- Fixed the lover intro scenes, so you get the amount of Stamina you're properly owed.

That's it for the current one. The next Patreon build adds yet another ending - only got two left to do, now - and fixes a bunch of stuff, as well as makes it easier to purchase stat boosts from the Pub, Gym, and College. Huzzah!

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