Saturday, 3 June 2017

Simply Mindy 1.2.0 / 1.4.0 Preview

Tired. So tired. Let's get to it.


This build consists of a fairly major overhaul of the combat system, and brings with it a new set of moves under the Seduction family. These allow Mindy to seduce monsters in combat and lower their stats, steal shit, and other stuff. You can learn Seduction moves from Aember, a new schooling NPC who has been added to the dungeons. (And she makes her teaching appearance in 1.3.0.)

Seduction moves added a toooon of new animations for the monsters, so you'll have plenty of new spank material. That said, some of the positioning in this build is still a bit off (hell, it's still off in fuckin' 1.4.0), so you may see the occasional enemy not appearing as they should. I'm planning a major polishing of all this for either next week's Patreon build or the next.

In addition to Seduction:

- There's now also a meter that fills up on the side, either from failed Seduction moves or enemy attacks. If it hits four fails you get an alternate sex animation. Note that not every enemy gets this.

- A few new spells. Only one left to go. Per usual, they are largely sexy in nature.

- The enemies are a bit more robust, and universally have more moves.

- There are four new quests, two per dungeon. Two of these quests allow you to unlock Seduction moves.

- The CamWhore storyline - or its beginnings - are now in place. The lumps of rock you've found in earlier quests now have a purpose. Collect them all!

Yep. Lots of new stuff to see. And if you get annoyed trying to trigger the alt sex animations, don't worry - there's a gallery coming in 1.3.0 that makes it much easier to view them.

Known Bugs

A few notes for 1.2.0, off the top of my head:

- As mentioned, some of the animation alignments are probably a little wonky.

- Submitting to FrogLord or giving in to lust 'round him will freeze the game. Kill him normally to avoid this. (Yes, you can fight FrogLord.) This has been fixed.

- Talking to JizzWhiz in DirtFeast can get you stuck in a wall when you leave the conversation. If this happens, go into the inventory screen (click the bag at the top) and use Escape Dungeon. This has been fixed.

- Backing on one of the buttons in combat disappears for some reason. No biggie.

- The A button doesn't fade properly in most of the dungeon sections. I still can't figure out why it works okay for the first dungeon and not the rest. Largely harmless.

- There are some invisible quest NPCs in BloodOrb Forest that you can detect if you get close enough. They appear as part of a quest. Interacting with them doesn't really do anything - just bear in mind that's probably what you're hitting if the A button thing appears and you don't know why.


Remember her? That one cut scene and that one sex scene? Yep. Skully now has her full storyline, including:

- Four lover animations;
- A bunch of cut scenes;
- Two new boss battles; and
- Four new endings, all pertaining to the Guard job.

It's a fun expansion. Skully is nifty. She and Mindy should hang out more. And for a mere $2...!


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  2. When it launches 1.3 in the free version?

  3. which quests to unlock to unlock Seduction moves. I have no idea about that. some one can tell me

    1. In the first dungeon, go to the church and talk to the girl (looks like a demoness) and then she will ask you to complete a task for her, just do as she says and she will grant you your reward ;) PS: i could only find two of them, i don't know where the others are tho.

    2. You can get two more moves for Mindy in one of the huts in the 2nd dungeoun but only during the last season of the year. The one where they have the sex orgy.