Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Re: A Quest

Regarding the Camwhore quest with the four pieces of stone. I've seen a few comments and gotten an email saying that you've gotten all four pieces but nothing has happened. I've tested the game and it all works fine for me, so I can only assume two things are happening:

- You're playing on an older save game. In order to refresh the variables you sometimes need to start anew. Get an ending and try again on another go-through.

- You spotted the quest on one playthrough, didn't manage to get all of the pieces on that playthrough, started over, and then didn't proceed through the quest up until the point that the computer has made its request. You need to do this or the completion of the quest won't trigger.

The only other potential possibility is that you're skipping through the end of the quest's two fights so quickly that the variables aren't being triggered properly, but I doubt that's the issue. Still, giving the game an extra second or two just to be sure can't hurt. Same goes for the two conversations that are part of the quest, assuming you zip right to the Skip button.

I don't remember any problems with the Patreon crew when this build first came out last month, and there have been few complaints about this issue beyond what I noted above, so I'm assuming the people having trouble are falling into one of those two categories. Sorry if you keep having problems, but I've tested and dived into the code and everything checks out.


  1. Just a guess, but I'm betting there's at least one person who got all the stones without ever getting the webcam event TELLING them to get them, which would make the quest not fire I'd imagine.

  2. Is there any cheats in the game?

  3. theres actually a duplicate stone drop in 1.3, you get two nose piece ones from quests, however, if you summon the brain dude in the 2nd dungeon, he drops the last piece, its minor but i can confirm its possible to get all pieces.

  4. How do you get the 2nd dungeon I have pretty much completed everything I found but I just can't unlock the damn thing.

    1. The church on the 2nd floor, talk to the orb