Friday, 30 June 2017

Simply Mindy 1.4.0 / 1.6.0 Preview

Ahoy. I come bearing a new build, and this one is a pretty fun one, if I say so meself. (Well, okay, two builds, but ya gots ta pay for t'other.)


This week's public build focuses more or less exclusively on Skully, guard of the Walls. You'll get the following this time 'round:

- A branching storyline, more or less from start to finish;
- Four sexy animations between Skully and Mindy, assuming you decide to woo her;
- Four new endings, three related to Skully and one to just the Guard job in general; and
- Two new battles.


- Two new Ghostings animations for the Guard job;
- Fixed a few dungeon-related bugs;
- Fixed the placement of a few janky enemies during combat, though I know for a fact that I haven't got them all (some got address in 1.6.0 but I ran out of time); and
- Fixed up some quest log glitches.

It's a good'un, I daresay.


This is Shirley. Have you met Shirley before? Of course you have, you've watched the intro. Shirley's the landlady, and Mindy's relationship with her is the focus of this build. Don't worry if you're not a GILF-lover, either, as she gets much sexier if you play your cards right. Like, young and nubile sexy.

... though still a ghost.

This week's Patreon-exclusive build features the following:

- Three new sex animations with Shirley;
- A ton more storyline stuff;
- Four new endings;
- A new battle;
- Two new Maid animations; and
- Bug fixes. There are always bug fixes.

Yep. Patreon. $2. The price of a coffee for pixel bewbs a month early.


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  2. Sexums, I wanted to ask you if you planning to imlpement some way of winning fights in the game by seducing and fucking monsters?

    1. Well, Seduction moves are already sort of in there, but I know what you mean. It's not likely since I'd have to do yet another round of sex animations for every monster, and there are so many other things I have planned that the prospect of setting that up is pretty small. That said I do have plans of that sort for a game in the future which will be a platformer rather than an RPG.

  3. Well alt animation kinda looks like it (Mindy being on top and all), but anyway thanks for answer.

  4. About Seduction moves. I still confuse about seduction move. I got two girl now but I do not know which monster or boss has to kill. slime girl say " kill who fuck whose girl and kill it" I have no idea which boss or monster? someone can tell me pls help.

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  6. How exactly do I get Shirley to come out? I haven't had a single scene with her yet.