Saturday, 17 June 2017

Simply Mindy 1.3.0 / 1.5.0 Preview


This build is low on new stuff - no new storylines - but high on spank material. There are two reasons for this:

- There are a bunch of new animations for the teachers. Aember has also been added into the mix. Cherry, JizzWhiz, and Gloo are all done, and Punch Drunk got two more animations. Lots spooge material in there.

- The brothel has been expanded. It now has a second floor, and when you go there during Darkly you can find a gallery for all the monsters you can fight in the dungeon. Normal monsters are added when you kill five of one type; bosses are added when you take them down once. So long as you don't erase your save these gallery additions will carry over to new games.

Simply but effective. Have fun with all the monster luv.

As for bugs... the seduction system is still riddled with 'em. Next time I take a deep dive into the RPG stuff I'll address these. The monster placements should be nice and clean for the gallery, though.

1.5.0 Preview

I'll be honest, I'm too fuckin' tired to lay out a song-and-dance to snag your money this week. Here are the salient points:

- Six new 'can't pay your rent' animations. Yes, including sultry hobos.
- Tons of background stuff flying all over the main menu, some sexy, some silly, some both.
- Sound. Sound. Mindy moans and everything.

Yep. That sums up 1.5.0. $2 and it's yours right now, folks. You know you wanna pay for the pizza I'm totally going to order right now.


  1. I collected the 4 rocks and nothing happened. What do?

  2. I do like the game. But I think it works better without sound. If you won't remove the sound, at least give us the option of turning down the volume. Also, will you be implementing a save and load feature? Great work.