Friday, 19 May 2017

Simply Mindy 1.1.0 / 1.3.0 Preview


The long-awaited second dungeon has arrived for public consumption, at long last. The stuff you can expect:

- Five new ordinary monsters, complete with new sexy animations;

- Four new boss monsters, also with sexy animations, including another uber monster tied to an ending (a bad one, but still);

- Four quests, two of which are seasonal;

- A little side brothel full of little NPCs doin' the nasty (and some day you'll get to interact with more of 'em, I promise);

- Treasure chests full of items which you can equip, which also heralds the coming of weapons, armour, and accessories;

- A new combat backdrop; and

- A tweaked combat rate. In this build it's a touch too high; I'm gonna mess with this going forward to find a good balance, as it was too light before.

1.3.0 Preview

Patreon? Patreon. Donors are getting a smaller build than this one, but with two juicy changes:

- The brothel now functions as a gallery for monster encounters. The second floor has most of the monsters in mini-sprite form, and you can wander around and boff them as you see fit. No time limit!

- The teachers now have a bunch of new animations: two new ones for JizzWhiz, two for Punch Drunk, three for Cherry, three for Gloo, and one for Aember, a brand-spankin' new teacher who showed up in 1.2.0.

$2! So cheap!

Known Bugs

Some things I'll point out now for 1.1.0:

- The pink backdrop for the dungeon's indoors bit appears everywhere in Darkly, not just in the brothel. It should only appear in the brothel.

- There are water droplets aplenty in Ghostings. The game doesn't like the extra layers, so you'll see the occasionally box appear as you pass these droplets. I need to shift the water to different layers to get rid of this but it'll take a lot of dungeon restructuring, so, fuck it. Next time.

- There is no fade out / fade in when travelling between doors on the same map. Fixed in 1.2.0.

- The minor enemies sometimes have weirdly-timed attacks, and it will look like they should be spitting / launching something that doesn't appear. Kinda fixed in 1.2.0 but not really.

- Dungeon descriptions don't appear properly on the main menu. Shrug. Not a big deal. (Though after a month I still haven't figured out why this happens.)

- Equipping the accessories is the tiniest bit janky. If you click the same accessory twice it'll be equipped twice - but you only get the effects once. The accessories you equip are highlighted in colour so it's pretty obvious which ones you have on, so this is generally inconsequential.

- If you keep tapping an equipped sword / piece of armour the icon will eventually turn white. Because why the hell not. Equipping something else changes it back to normal.

- Not an bug, per se, but an important note: the A button that pops up when you approach items of note doesn't appear in the new dungeon, nor does it with the new chests in the first dungeon. Still janky in 1.3.0, and I'm struggling to figure out why it works in one dungeon but not the other.


  1. 2 things really:
    1) Is there a dedicated place to report bugs or do we simply report them in the blog post for the version we're talking about?
    2) In the Quest Log, Mascot and Model don't show their names. They just stay as ???. Also if you get Model to the point of no return and choose to quit instead, the log stays stuck at "so close to perfect skin" Finally, the Mascot tag in the log never advances. It stays stuck on "You have been employed"

    1. 1.) In these comments is fine. I want to make a dedicated bug page but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It's probably handier to have bugs specific to builds on their respective posts anyway, so I'm not accidentally hunting down bugs that I've already fixed. I might not always respond - Blogger is kind of shite about telling me when someone has commented, I've noticed - but I try to skim through the comments at least once a week if I don't notice them earlier.

      2.) I'll check that out. Going to need to add more stuff to it with the next Patreon build anyway, so I'll be in the area. Thanks.

  2. I don't know where to write this but is it wanted that the Sinner orb cutscene forces you to take it if you've been working as a camwhore? If you decline, it keeps popping up until you take it.