Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Simply Mindy 1.0.5 / 1.2.0 Preview

Better late than never. Unlike 1.2.0, which was too gigantic an update for my own good, 1.0.5 is fairly small. You get some new animations aaaaaaand that's about it? Yes, I think that's about it. Specifically:

- Two new Ghostings animations for Camwhore;

- Two new Ghostings animations for Farmer;

- Two new MegaHot animations for Guard, one of which might be my favourite animation thus far (Mindy don't take no shit while she's eating ice cream);

- Six new animations for Gloryhole, which just finished the job up; and

- Four new animations (MegaHot and Ghostings) for Mascot.

Also added facial expressions for Lil D in cut scenes - huge deal, that, huge - and fixed a bunch of bugs. Do enjoy.

1.2.0 Preview

This one was about a thousand times more ambitious than the last one, and tossing in two bucks to my Patreon will get you the following:

- The Seduction system in combat, allowing Mindy to woo enemies in battle to her advantage using Fuckability - though at a potential price if she fails;

- A bunch of new animations for most of the monsters associated with Seduction;

- Four new quests, two of which get you the Seduction moves;

- A couple new bosses in those quests;

- The beginning of the Camwhore quest line, which in truth was started a long time ago but I've kept it under wraps 'til now; and

- Probably more bugs, 'cause the update was exhausting and big and involved a few sleepless nights. yay

Yep. Patreon. Do it up. You know you wanna see Mindy flashing a skeleton. You know.


  1. hey sexums i played the game ever if a new version release can u tell me when 1.2.0 will release public? thx ^^

    1. Public releases are a month behind. So around this time next month.

  2. Hey there, I just got into Simply Mindy and this might be a dumb question but how do you get into the dungeon? I just got past the 2nd festival and have a quest to go looking for a certain ugly someone but don't know how to leave the city. Thanks and great game btw

    1. You need to be "strong" to go there. Raise your strength, durability (and prowess maybe, not sure).

  3. How to get a seduction attacks?i'm playing 1.2.0 version,and would like of know

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