Sunday, 25 March 2018

That goddamned Soo ending

I have seen a number of posts (and gotten a number of requests) regarding one of Soo's endings in Simply Mindy. I knew people would have trouble with it - I kinda made it that way - but I underestimated just how bent y'all are on getting every damn ending.

ANYWAY. Here's the process, which I'll also toss on the FAQ. I don't like to spoil my games, so don't expect this too often.

- Do the first two Arm Candy cut scenes by doing the job enough times, making sure not to get your Cleanliness above 30;
- During the second cut scene agree to work for Pimpy;
- Do the first two Prostitute cut scenes;
- During the second cut scene choose 'Pimpy' when prompted;
- Raise your Strength and Durability to 40;
- Agree to help backstab Soo in the next cut scene when prompted;
 - Wait a few days.

The key is to not raise your Cleanliness too much. Otherwise you go too far down one of the other paths.

I'm probably going to clean this ending up a bit as there seem to be a few issues with one of the steps. Nevertheless, if you want that one ending (you know the one, and if you don't you'll know it when you start playing Soo's scenario), this is how you get it.


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  2. I think the main problem(at least it was the problem I was running into) is that by the time you get around to trying to get this ending that you have too many bonuses on xD. I had to run this without any stat bonuses because I was starting off with too many to be able to switch to the alley cut scenes. lol