Saturday, 10 March 2018

Simply Mindy 3.0.0 / 3.2.0 Preview / Poll Results

Jesus christ. It's 9 am where I am and I'm still up. I need better time management skills. That, or... I don't know. Something.


This build had two purposes. First, it provided the end of the Camwhore storyline, along with the following:

  • Three more sexy sleepover animations with someone;
  • Some new cut scenes; and
  • Two new endings.
Always intended to be a fairly small storyline. Turned out well, though. 

The second half of the build, and the bulk, I'd say, went towards overhauling combat, both for my purposes and to make it more fun and robust. The changes include:
  • A few new enemy spells that will pop up in combat, which should please you pervs;
  • A greater role for status ailments;
  • Slightly smarter AI for a few of the enemies (though they're admittedly still pretty stupid on the whole);
  • A bunch more Titles that are combat-related;
  • Some new items for combat; and
  • A few fancied-up attacks that were a bit lacklustre before.
Mostly an under-the-hood build, but with the end of the game approaching getting this shit outta the way becomes increasingly important.

3.2.0 Preview

As I confessed to my patrons, I was rather sick of drawing shit this week. As such I sought out an alternative form of work in the form of adding audio. And yes, there was audio before, but now there's a lot of audio. The new build includes:
  • Songs, both of my own invention and snagged from a dude who is a substantially better musician than I am;
  • Several alternative moaning voices for the game's other girls, where appropriate;
  • A few more moaning clips for Mindy (who knows if you'll even notice them);
  • A crap-ton of sound effects for combat, both sexy and otherwise; and
  • Fixes for the existing audio. Which, admittedly, was rather scant.
If you like hearing women moan you'll probably enjoy this build. And, hey, that shit cost me a pretty penny, so... if you'd like to help me rebuild my coffers... it's only $2...!

Poll Results

This week I was sick of drawing period. Last week I was just sick of pixel art. My solution was to let my patrons decide which Sooniverse girl should get a painted treatment. I was not the least bit surprised to see Mindy win. So, yes, $3, and you can see her in her full, sweaty, krita-d glory. So cheap!

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