Friday, 23 March 2018

Simply Mindy 3.1.0 / 3.3.0 Preview / Poll Results

Ahoy hoy, lowly mortals. New build - and early, to boot. Blame a weekend-long family outing that'll force me to get up early tomorrow.


This week's build is another storyline bonanza, and it focuses on Middle D, the owner of Hell's Geisha... ry. Geishary. Sure. It's one of the last jobs you're likely to unlock, so it's a bit of a late-game bundle of stuff. The new content includes:

- Three new sexy-sexy sleepover positions with Middle D;
- A branching storyline that's a bit darker than some of the earlier ones; and
- Six new endings. Middle D's storyline gets five, the Geisha job gets one.

It's a fun, lengthy build with lots of talking. I know you all love talking. Love it. It also fixes a bunch of bugs, because my games are buggy as all hell.

3.3.0 Preview

As you may be able to surmise, the new Patreon build focuses on Gaspar, the last of the storyline NPCs. Which, yes, means we're getting damned close to the end of Simply Mindy. I'm only two Patreon builds away from doing the actual ending! Holy shnikes! Gaspar's build, in the meantime, features the following, which may sound familiar:

- Three new sleepover animations, including the one above, which I suspect was inspired by DBZ's Gotenks;
- A branching storyline;
- A new fight; and
- Five new endings.

$2 is so cheap, you guys. So cheap. Plus you'll get all that sweet sound I put in the game in 3.2.0! I know, right?

Poll Results

Last week's poll was all about DC girlies, and a crapton of patrons apparently grew up with Teen Titans on their TVs. Consequently, I aged Raven up a few years and drew an animation of her getting nailed from two sides! At once! I thought it was good, anyway, and you can get the same thing - and more - with a mere $3. What a scam.

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