Friday, 23 February 2018

Simply Mindy 2.9.0 / 3.1.0 Preview / Poll Results

Hey hey, early build today. Better than the late one last time, right? Yep, I'm right.


This week's freebie build centres on Emm, the owner of the little shop in the first dungeon. The first half of her storyline already exists; now the second half is yours to peruse. The update includes:

- A branching storyline, no surprise;
- Three new sexy animations with Emm, also no surprise;
- Two new boss battles which you can encounter in a few different ways; and
- Three new endings. I considered a dungeon-centric job ending, similar to the other jobs, but... goddamn. There are so many endings already. Enough, I say, enough.

The last few endings have had some strong ties to Soo Cubus, and this one is no exception. You'll probably get more outta this build if you've played the first game. If you haven't... well, there are still plenty of nude animations.

3.1.0 Preview

Despite being the last lover NPC to pop into existence, Middle D, here, always scores pretty high on my Patreon polls whenever I ask what I should work on next, so this build is for him. It has the following:

- Storyline;
- Three new sexy animations;
- A new combat animation, because I had a really weird idea late last night; and
- Six new endings. Six. Because, I guess, I like him too.

$2, man. $2. That is a steal.

Poll Results

Since I was falling behind last week I needed an easy poll idea for my patrons, and anime popularity polls are always... popular... yeah. So, naturally, a Dragonball character won AGAIN, and thus the franchise was barred from any future anime polls. Android 18! Sexy! Krillin gets lucky! $3! Woo!

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