Sunday, 11 February 2018

Simply Mindy 2.8.0 / 3.0.0 Preview / Poll Winner

Late build again. I spent a lot of time this week messing with programming in an attempt to streamline the combat and get rid of a bunch of problems. So. Yeah. Sorry it took so long to get the freebie version up.


This week's public release is basically a .gif dump, filling in a bunch of jobs that required more animations. The following were slotted into this dump:

- Two new animations for Shay (Ghostings and Darkly);
- Four new Modelling animations (Ghostings and Darkly);
- Two new Cosplay animations (Darkly);
- Two new Camwhore animations (Darkly);
- Two new Farmer animations (Darkly); and
- Two new Mascot animations (Darkly). Whooooole lotta Darkly.

That finishes off a bunch of jobs. This build also fixes the door for HardBeast (noticed by many) and the maze (noticed by few), among other things.

No More Browsers

Let's face it, Flash is on its way out. I know it, you might know it, and eventually, everybody's gonna know it. I've gotten a ton of complaints about lag on the browser version only in the past, and getting the game to work on browsers has been an oft-recurring problems for months. As such I'm no longer going to embed Simply Mindy onto the devblog. The download link is there; please use that from now on.

Not sure how to run the game? Or need to port over your save? Check the FAQ button at the top of the screen. There's a link on there for getting a standalone (debugger) version of Flash, as well as info for porting over your save games. And, yes, I can't stop you from downloading the .swf and just playing it on your browser anyway, but I highly, highly recommend you just get a standalone version of Flash.



The Patreon version of Simply Mindy is not, as of this writing, up yet. Sigh. is now up. Yay! You can expect the following changes:

- The end of the Camwhore storyline;
- Three new sexy animations from the star of the Camwhore storyline;
- A new ending (yes, just one, for once);
- A bunch of new and revamped moves for the combat system, as well as a general overhaul of the combat mechanics to give enemies more variety;
- More items;
- More Titles; and
- Substantial changes to the ending bonuses. You get a lot more bang for your buck with a lot of 'em.

$2. Man, that's so cheap.

Poll Winner

What can I say, folks think shower sex is hot. Throw in Seu - for $3 - and you've got a swag combo.


  1. Hello. I just wanted to point out a small mistake. In the Megahot season, the description of the glory hole job says that you lose 2 in cleanliness (and you effectively lose two). However, when you do the job, the stats changes pop-ups says that you only lose 1. So maybe correct that when you have a bit of free time.

  2. Another Mistake: in the skeleton Minor Crisis, if you use sociability and fail, the pop-up says success.

    Another small problem: the minor crisis disappear if you get an event, a work, open certain menus.

    And last one: the panel announcing contest keep saying New jobs once you get a new jobs.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Lastly: in the quest log, the first one in the secund column is blank when you haven't unlocked it. (I don't know when you unlock it)

      Also, I just had a weird bug: I got the pirhana plant Minor Crisis in Megahot, selected Sociability, failed and lost 2 Stamina. I then did the prostitute job. Then, my stamina gauge showed full while she was empty in reality. I don't know if this bug is reapeatable.

    3. Edit: okay, it seems that if you lose 2 stamina in a Minor Crisis and go to the prostitute job, the bug appear. I don't know if it does the same with other jobs.

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