Friday, 6 April 2018

Simply Mindy 3.2.0 / 3.4.0 Fuckup

Goddamn. The last week and a bit was fucking ridiculous. But more on that in a bit.


Sound! 3.2.0 adds a flurry of new sound effects to the game, including the following:

- Music tracks for all situations, some created by me, some by another dude whom I paid;
- More moans for Mindy;
- Alternate moans for the other girls;
- Sound effects for spells and attacks; and
- A few other small audio touches.

Please bear in mind that Stencyl is a little touchy with looping MP3s, so the loops are not perfect. I'm still workin' on 'em. Nevertheless, it's amazing how much the experience changes when the game has proper sounds plugged in.


Ever have one of those weeks where nothing goes right?

Well. Last week wasn't quite one of those weeks - I now have a puppy, and he's too awesome to be wrong - but everything else went tits-up. I was forced to puppy-proof my apartment way earlier than normal, my wife got mugged, we needed to get her a new phone, jackasses at my IP got an internet upgrade appointment very wrong... and, to cap it all off, my goddamned computer died on Sunday. Yes, the one I use to make Simply Mindy. I've been using my wife's computer all damned week.

Bad week. But good puppy. So... conflicted.

Anyway. Rather than doing a build I decided to just focus on animated .gifs this week, which was part of my plan for the build anyway, and finish up the schooling and job animations. Throw $2 at my Patreon and you get access to thirteen brand-new sexy-sexy animations. And, when I do get the build up (probably on Monday, when my laptop is slated to arrive - did I mention that the fucking post office was a week late delivering my package?), you'll get that! Seems win-win to me, honestly.


  1. I can't go to the dropbox for version 3.2.0

    All I get is that it can't be previewd.

  2. Sounds like a rough time. Enjoy the puptato. If I may make a request, in my first playthrough I killed froglord but didn't take that ending so then I had no obvious way to improve cleanliness without just swapping points into it. There is also a shortage of sexy shower scenes. Seems like two problems with one solution to me~

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