Sunday, 29 April 2018

Simply Mindy: The Non-Hiatus

Hey hey. This affects you guys less, but it's still important. I've been working on the finale of Simply Mindy for the last month, and though the due date is still five days away I'm almost 100% confident that the ending will not be complete on time. I got a new puppy and he's eating up huge chunks of my days, and until he becomes a bit less clingy I won't be getting as much work done as usual.

I don't know when I'm going to get the finale done exactly, but I anticipate somewhere in mid-May. Don't quote me on that. This means that new freebie builds for Simply Mindy are also on hold for the moment. So don't hold your breath on new ones here for a little bit.

I've also made the decision to pause my Patreon for the month of May. I want to take some pressure off to get the game done in a timely fashion and do it right rather than adhering to a strict schedule. So if you were planning on contributing to Patreon soon... well, you should wait until June. It'll reactivate then.

Now, as a small teaser for the finale...

... it's going to be a bit different from the normal game. A bit. But also quite expansive, so hopefully worth the wait.


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  2. Have to say it kind of looks like Hell froze over in that image....