Sunday, 26 February 2017

Simply Mindy 0.5.5 / 0.7.0 Preview


Oh my lulz. Look, a new build - and the primary addition this time 'round is the goddamned dungeon.

(Don't mind the extra .5. Things happened. We don't talk about them anymore.)

Yes, now you, too, can go exploring in the wilds and get into fights with evil, evil monsters. There are a few quests to do and plenty of vicious wildlife to bone. Some of it is a touch glitchy at this early stage, and the combat is rather barebones in this build (the next one has spells, as I recall), but there's still plenty to appease your genitals. Boost your physical stats - say, at the Farm - to unlock the dungeon.

The particulars:

- Five regular monsters to kill, and two bosses
- Item shop with a new storyline NPC
- Several (three, I think?) NPC quests spread 'round the dungeon
- Progression through Farmer John's quest, along with the ability to bone the ol' bastard
- Mindy gets to wander the overworld in the wrong outfit (fixed in the next build)

And... things. And stuff. It's up now. Go fuck up some monsters.

0.7.0 Preview

Y'know that dungeon I just gave you in the public build? In this build, it's bigger. And it has more monsters. And bosses. And storyline stuff. And that shopkeeper you met? The one with the brown-and-red hair and the cool gauntlets? You can bone her. I know, it's exciting. Patreon! Go do the Patreon!


  1. So..... dumb question here but where is the link to download the new build?

  2. Will you be interested in adding sound from the later patches?

    1. Yes, I'm going to add sound. Not sure when. Moaning and squishing will definitely happen, and I want to make music for it. Will dedicate an entire update to both, probably. (Though a full music track will obviously take a while.)

  3. отлично ждем обновления