Saturday, 11 March 2017

Simply Mindy 0.6.0 / 0.8.0 Preview

Forgot to update last week again. Dammit.


- Added two new jobs, the Cosplayer and the Mascot. Both are outfit-related jobs, and Mindy's looks will change a lot for each of 'em. As such neither one has a 'default' set of clothes for cut scenes, and Mindy will look like a plain ol' ho when talking to the two new NPCs. Each job has two animations.

- Added storyline for one of those two NPCs. Hint hint: it's the more ghostly of the two. He gets a sexy animation with Mindy, and so, too, does the game's other ghost NPC (though unfortunately if you got that far before you'll need to start a new game and snag her again, as I forgot to set the flag up last time).

- Added spells. Mindy can cast spells. Yay! You can purchase spells outside the shop in the first dungeon. Each spell has its own little animation, and five of them are available right now.

- Changed up Mindy's sprite in the dungeon so she actually matches her damned combat outfit. Grumble grumble only I care about this grumble. Consistency grumble.

Yep. Mainly an aesthetic change, though there's enough game play to keep you going for a while. Now, if you want a beefier build, might I recommend...


You may have noticed, in the screenshot above, a slight difference in the normal layout scheme.

Yes. In 0.8.0., available exclusively to Patreon users for the next month, you can get yourself a Sinner's Orb and meet Mr. Moe. Which means there are now endings. Seven, to be precise. Seven. They include:

- A Time's Up ending;
- Two job-related endings;
- Three involving Froglord, everyone's favourite landlord; and
- One bad one involving a boss, which has been in the game since the last build but didn't amount to much.

Also? A gallery, with which you can view them once you've collected one or more. A gallery. You know that shit is worth two bucks. You just know it.


  1. когда выйдет версия 0.8.0?

  2. HOW TO GET THE Farmer John's quest? so that she can get fuck by the zombie

  3. if you get 100 intellect and spirit, they reset back to zero.

  4. what does the drop from the succubus chick do?