Sunday, 26 March 2017

Simply Mindy 0.7.0

Hi, guys. Build is late because I've had to deal with a funeral that popped up out of nowhere, and I don't really have time to focus on much else besides that. I'm going to put 0.7.0 up quick, though, while I have a chance. It adds two new areas to the dungeon for you to explore.

Side note, I know about the Intellect and Spirit bugs, and they got fixed a little while ago. They're not fixed in this one, as I recall. So don't push them over 100.


  1. so that mean that we can get the zombie farm guy right??

  2. I've an idea.
    You should have the ghost lady and ghost man assist Mindy during the webcam job once unlocked. Maybe allowing for a ghostly threesome.
    Another idea.
    You could make an random chance cut scene that if you have sex with the green slimes too much that the shop lady finds you mid slime and saves you, to then be swarmed by green slimes or a giant one from behind the two of you and ending up with you both getting super slimed together.