Saturday, 11 February 2017

Simply Mindy 0.4.0 / 0.6.0 Preview

Oh, Saturday, sweet Saturday. What bringeth you to these tired eyes? Why, a new build, of course.


This week's public build is stuffed with all sortsa new stuff, including the beginnings of the story system that will guide players through each game of Simply Mindy. A brief listing of the highlights:

  • Two new jobs: Prostitute and Arm Candy. Both will unlock in the second year if you don't unlock them earlier via the proper stat spreads.
  • Added seasonal stat boosts. Which stats rise change based on the current season. I'll try to make these changes reflect the animations going forward, though no promises on accuracy. (I have a lot of animations to do before I'm done.)
  • Three new story arcs involving Froglord, Farmer John, and Shirley (the old lady landlord). Finding 'em necessitates doing things that would involve said characters, hint, hint. Proceeding far enough along Froglord's path can earn you a fancy overnight animation.
  • Added icons for Stamina and Mood. Mood doesn't function as a mechanic yet, but it will... some day...
  • Bug fixes. yay
Ayup. Go, go! It's up!


As for the patrons...
  • Two more jobs: Cosplayer and Mascot, each with two animations
  • The beginnings of the spell system for the dungeon sections, with five new animations
  • Two more overnight animations
  • Naughty messages for the Camwhore
All this and more (not a hell of a lot more, but more) on Patreon! Yay!

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  1. The public build 0.4.0 does not seem to have updated. None of the updates are available in the game, but I'm excited for them to be!