Thursday, 9 February 2017

Dimlight City!

I said a while back that I was working on another game while plugging away on Simply Mindy, and the time has come to unveil that game. (I'm actually a week or so late. I am bad at social media-ing.) Thus, I present Dimlight City!

Currently in the funding stage - though the game is going forward whether the team hits its goal or not, so far as I know - Dimlight City is going to be a brothel-building title in a similar vein to, say, Simbro, albeit with a much more polished and complete look to it once it's released. You have complete freedom to assemble your brothel, gather a team of gals to service customers, complete missions, and, likely, masturbate to animates bewbs. Think a lewd version of SimTower.

And what role do I play in this enterprise? I'm the writer! Writing's much easier than the rest of the junk that goes into game-making, so I'm all over that. Everyone else has to work their asses off while I get to weave a silly tale about sex robots and dildo ninjas and the like. It's a great scam I've got going.

(Honestly, the plot is much more expansive and detailed than I probably make it sound. I wrote a scene the other day about law-wrangling, of all things.)

At any rate, if you like my storytelling abilities - or sexy cartoons flopping about on one another - I highly suggest checking it out. The Kimochi they've got running right now has a bunch of cool bonuses available to backers. Shell out enough and you'll get to have, like, actual sex in an actual brothel. Maybe.

Oh, and, uh, Mindy's coming along fine. That's a thing too.


  1. only day left only raise 3500 dollars

    1. The game is backed by a larger company already so it's going to happen no matter what. The fundraiser was mainly put up to see if they could make more money for extras - unique soundtrack, more assets above and beyond the planned stuff, etc. It'll do fine once it's up and players can try it out for free.