Friday, 13 January 2017

Simply Mindy 0.2.0 / 0.4.0 Preview


Yep, I missed last week's update. IIIIIIII'm a shithead. My bad. I'll try harder to remember next time. (Though in fairness, when the time came to perform the update I hadn't done a ton of work, 'cause... other game I can't talk about yet. My life is just ruled by porn games now.)

Anyway! 0.2.0 is now live to the public. A list of the changes you can expect:

- Added several new animations: two for camwhoring, two for soldiering on the wall, one for paying the rent, and two for not paying rent. Also have Squirt buttons, because people love jizz.

 - Added a shit-ton of cut scenes that will provide more than enough context to get the plot jumpstarted.

 - Added the first of the seasonal activities, a wet t-shirt contest. It pops up automatically on the 10th of Brimstone, and you can choose whether or not you want to participate. The chances that you'll do very well in the first year are pretty low, but, hell, give it a shot anyway, yeah?
Note of caution: since the game is only supposed to last four seasons the wet t-shirt contest will only trigger four times. After that it won't (shouldn't?) activate again. Just FYI.

- Added a whole bunch of cut scene expressions to Mindy, enough to probably get through most of the game. Might add two or three more for variety.

- Added buttons that will allow you to work / learn two or more times when entering a screen, rather than having to keep going through the same animations and screen transitions over and over. 

Please note that this does not reset the animations. You'll have to exit and re-enter to get a different animation, assuming your stats change.

- Rigged up the school so it's more or less operable. Pay money, receive stat boosts from various teachers. Each of the six teachers (eventually to be eight) has ten snippets of randomly-chosen dialogue that will trigger each time you take a class. I may change them up based on the season in the future. Animations appear in the next build.

  - Added rent! Everybody loves rent! As in Soo Cubus, Mindy is charged $100 a day. This will, over time, go up, and I'll probably add different rent penalties as the game progresses. Enjoy the ridiculously low difficulty level in the meantime.
 - Changed the font. I must have done this eight or nine times before I settled on a font, and I did it mainly so it could be read properly. 

 - Added Money and Stamina to the Stats roll-out menu. These have since been reshuffled so they appear in more visible, convenient places throughout the game.

  - Added in the bare bones of the calendar system. The seasons don't do anything yet, not even aesthetically, but now you can see the names of the four seasons in their glory, as the days move forward whenever you sleep.

- Added more thought bubble dialogue for Mindy when she's idling on the main menu screen. I did not have time to shift the thought bubbles out from under the roll-out stats, nor to disable them (timed events in Stencyl are funky weird), so for the moment they're still a bit obtrusive.

- Added code that will round stats up to zero if they ever drop below, because that will happen almost right away. The only exception is Morality, for reasons. (It isn't affected by anything yet anyway.)

0.4.0 Preview

 Whew. Big list of changes. Now for the new new stuff! If you support Simply Mindy on Patreon right goddamned now, you'll get to see the following changes incorporated into Simply Mindy 0.4.0:

 - Two new jobs, with two new animations apiece
- The beginnings of the storyline system, with three NPCs jumping in on the fun - and one of them getting to bang Mindy, dependent on your choices
- Seasonal changes to stat boosts
- Revamps to the hotkey system
- Revamps to the main menu stuff
- Several bugfixes

- Automatic saving

All that and more! What're you waiting for?! Patreon! PATREON! C'mon, I need to eat! I'm hungry at this very moment, actually, so to hell with porn, I'm gonna go make a sandwich. Enjoy!

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