Sunday, 29 January 2017

Simply Mindy 0.3.0 / 0.5.0 Preview


Better late than never. I had some stuff I wanted to get done on 0.5.0 before I released it to the Patrons, so it was only fair you guys got shuffled back a touch as well. Just a touch. This week's new stuff for the public:

- Animations for the school. All six teachers get an animation. Cumshots depend on whether or not said teacher has a dick, or involvement with a dick, or if I felt like including a dick.

- New job: Gloryhole Attendant. It unlocks in the second year, or if you get the right stat distribution prior to the second year. This also brings in another NPC who may look similar to someone else in the game.

- Added a billboard warning of upcoming Lil D contests. It also tells you when you've unlocked a new job. For the moment it sits on the wet t-shirt contest most of the time.

- Added hotkeys! The hotkeys is indicated in brackets beside the button. Please note that the hotkeys were a bit fucked up in this build - as I recall they were screwed up a bit on the walls - but they get fixed as of 0.4.0.

Yep. Mostly aesthetic. This was the Christmas build so I didn't get a shit ton done, but there are plenty of new animations regardless.

0.5.0 Preview

By contrast, 0.5.0 is a huge update - one might be tempted to call it yuge - because it includes the game's first dungeon. It's not fully fleshed-out yet, as it requires more seasons, but there's still plenty to see, including:

- Eight (!) monsters for you to battle, and / or fuck;
- Three quests for you to undertake;
- The beginning of the items system;
- A new NPC to meet; and
- An item that unlocks another sleepover animation.

Yep. Patreon, folks. Pa-tre-On.


  1. is Simply Mindy going to be another time limit game? or will it be something you can continue playing after beating it?

    1. There will be a quasi time limit. After four years (160 days) you will be locked into an ending, but you don't need to pursue it right away if you don't want. If you want anything other than one of the worst endings, though - assuming you didn't lock yourself into an ending previously - you'll need to get it done before those 160 days are up.

  2. where is the downlaod button for the free version of the game ?

    1. It's a link beneath the game window when you start it up on your browser.