Sunday, 22 January 2017

I'm shitty at maintaining this devblog.

And for that I apologize. Once I'm done with build day I wipe this place from my mind and just set myself to work. Here, have some pics of what I'm working on as recompense.

Dungeon! It's coming up in the next Patreon-only build. Granted, it's less a dungeon and more a forested area, but I'm sure RPG fans get the gist of the term.

New jobs a-comin'. Mindy gets to be arm candy and a prostitute. Also, rich spiders.

School! All of these courses have animations. They will be showing up in the coming public build.

Aaaaaand other stuff! I'm working on lots of stuff. Right now the focus is on the dungeon and the combat system, with lots more sex animations included. Simply Mindy is gonna out-sex Soo Cubus, this I swear.

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