Friday, 30 December 2016

Simply Mindy 0.1.0 / 0.3.0 Preview / Slight Site Revamp

The big day has arrived, and the first public build of Simply Mindy is now online. This initial version doesn't have a hell of a lot to do - you can explore two of the jobs, get a taste for the initial animations, check out a cheeky rendition of the story (basically a lot of riffing on the fact that it was entirely incomplete as of the time of the build) and wander about in an empty dungeon.

Following builds are much, much more complete. Still, enjoy! Despite the success of Soo Cubus I'm already feeling that Simply Mindy is going to be the better game, if only because I know so much more about the game making process now. Like, a ridiculous amount more. I was much better prepared this time 'round, and I hope the end product will reflect my greater experience.

Oh, and for those who might be worried: cumshots are in the game from the beginning. I know what you want.

Simply Mindy 0.3.0 Preview

Speaking of Simply Mindy, there's a new build for it up on Patreon! For a measly two dollars you'll get a whole bunch of new shit:

- A new job: the gloryhole, complete with two new animations
- A bunch of new schooling animations, most sexy, one... well, it has moving tits, so that's something
- Hotkeys! Fucking hotkeys!
- As always, jizz

All that on top of four previously-functional jobs, a wet t-shirt contest, a shit-ton of story stuff... more jizz... yep. It's almost like it's a game, but not quite, but getting there. Savvy?

Slight Site Revamp

Because Simply Mindy has a higher resolution (960 x 640 rather than 640 x 480) I needed to change the site a bit to prevent .swf overlap with the side menu. To that end I expanded the borders and changed up the top buttons to look more pixel-y. You know, like the games I make.

I don't really like the buttons as they turned out. I'll probably draw some original art for 'em. That's a minor quibble for the moment, though, and you'll all survive with them as they are, I'm sure. Over the next few days I'll redo them. In the meantime, shout at me if the website looks funky or stupid in your browser. Might want to download the games instead if they don't look right.


  1. Do you have an art gallery sexums, i want to find a full-body art ref for Joe.
    I love the shy sweetie (also humans are overrated, my feelings are only for monsters,demons, and human hybrids<3) I also want to know his backgroud.

    1. I don't for Joe, alas - didn't really draw anybody below the knees besides some of the girls - but I always pictured him with big, flat, black, duck-like feet. Kind of an awkward walker.

      As for his background... it's in the game, more or less, though I'm not sure if anyone has figured it out yet. One of the cut scenes is a bit different when Joe is involved.